progesterone balanced my estrogen dominance

I have been suffering from severe anxiety, and internal trembling while taking vivelle dot(estradiol patch) for 4 years. My doctor also told me to take progesterone cream 20 mg twice a day which I really slacked on. It was hit and miss, mostly miss. I didn't realize how important the progesterone was to counter the estradiol and for 4 years I've been estrogen dominant and didn't realize it. I started faithfully using progesterone cream twice daily and stopped the estradiol. I feel better that I have felt in 4 years. Hot flashes are not a result of being low on estrogen, it can be from estrogen dominance. Progesterone balance this, but it can take a few weeks. Actually at first, it can make estrogen dominance worse, but be patient it will balance that dominance.

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Dec 24, 2012
progesterone balanced my estrogen dominance
by: Wray

Hi there It's such a pity women are given oestrogen in the mistaken belief we need it. It's progesterone which drops, dropping lower and lower during Peri-menopause. Lower still once in Menopause, as ovulation has stopped. Our fat cells continue to make oestrone the menopause oestrogen to the day we die, but they don't secrete progesterone. So we still need to supplement with it. I've found with Hot Flushes that 400mg/day progesterone is needed, sometimes more before they go. From the evidence I've found it does appear to be an oestrogen related problem, and not a deficiency as we're lead to believe. Oestrogen is an excitatory, inflammatory hormone. It increases glutamate activity in the brain, which overexcites it, causing cell death, Anxiety and more. Take care Wray

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