Progesterone and hunger?

by Kelly
(Rochester, ny )

I had more hormones tested and was found to be estrogen dominant. I have been having a horrible time with PMS for the past couple of years...primarily with my moods. I have been using 20 mg of progesterone cream a day for the past few months. Each month, my PMS improved. In fact, last month, I had no pms! However, the past three months, I experience hunger pains like you wouldn't believe. If I don't eat, I get shaky and anxious. This makes me anxious pretty much the whole day about making sure I have food with me at all times. I am not retaining water, nor have I gained weight. Could this be the progesterone? Perhaps I don't need it anymore? I'm 41, no thyroid. I'm very frustrated. I feel like I have found a wonderful cure, but not sure if it's causing other symptoms.

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