Period on day 16? On progesterone

by Stephanie

I am taking 100 mg of progesterone on pill form made by a compound pharmacy. I am supposed to take it starting day 7 until day 26 of cycle. This month, however, I forgot and remembered on day ten.
A couple of nights ( not consecutive) I fell asleep but took it in the morning and then the following dose at night. Today is day 16 of my cycle and I started bleeding ( like a period) - do you think it's related? At this point I am worried because of all the awful things one reads on line. I am calling my doctor tomorrow but any advice will be so much appreciated. Thank you!

Doctor put me in progesterone because once I started spotting on day 12 and then period came. That was over a year ago but she told me not to stop it. I just turned 47.
Thank you for any advice.

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Mar 10, 2015
Period on day 16? On progesterone
by: RJ

Hello Stephanie!
Read all of Wray's site. You will find so many answers to what is going on with you. I bled for a month straight and then some when I first came upon Wray's site. It took a year before I could finally say I was seeing results. You're in peri and what an awful transition it is. You will have all kinds of quirky things happen to you. If you type in my name you can read my story and see the roller coaster I was on. Wray is a God's present to us for hormonal imbalance...and beyond that too lol. Since I started progesterone, three years ago at age 46, I take anywhere from 400 to 1,000 mg a day, non-stop. But read her site as there is a wealth of information on here and read others' stories and you will find we all are pretty much suffering from the same things and what everyone is doing to remedy and/or correct our troubles. Hang in there it will get better! God Bless! RJ

Mar 10, 2015
Oral Progesterone
by: Diane

FIRST and foremost, stop reading about P on the Internet except from on this website. There is so much misinformation about P. I also recommend you read a book by Dr Michael Platt, THE MIRACLE OF BIOIDENTICAL HORMONES.
There is a huge difference between SYNTHETIC P and BIOIDENTICAL P. Synthetic P Hormone is very inflammatory due to the fact its made from mare urine. We are not part horse. Bioidentical P is actually very protective of our bodies. PLEASE read the above mentioned book by Platt. He explains it very thoroughly and will give you peace of mind.
Secondly, you are on the least effective form of P. Orals pass through the gut and what your body is left to absorb is maybe 10%. Please switch to cream. You also need to be MINIMUMALLY on 100mg to 200mg. I am 48 and use P daily even through my period. It keeps my severe PMS symptoms from rearing its ugly head. Has your doctor ruled out uterine fibroids? Also not taking P steadily and regularly, skipping doses can definitely cause breakthrough bleeding. If you have more questions, please continue to ask questions. But read the above book as well.
Wish you well,

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