Ovary Removal

by Molly Cross
(Boston MA)

Hello Wray,

I have been using a similar cream NatraGest purely because your stock is a little low at the moment for 2 months since hearing about the benefits.

I am 53, I had an ovary removed in '89 with a cyst and had 4 children without missing a beat fertility-wise.

I then had the other ovary removed last April in Switzerland where I lived at the time due to another cyst benign .

A couple of weeks later I had a hormonal melt down; bedridden for 4 days with what felt like an axe in my head, dry wrenching and feeling really, really unwell. My doctor diagnosed it as a bug even with the full knowledge of my recent ovary removal.

After the surgery I asked the ancient male gynaecologist if I should be taking something to mitigate the abrupt and un-natural removal and they very much as a second thought, gave me what turned out to be black Cohosh.

SO now nearly a year later I have been taking the cream for 2 months after a lovely south african friend in France put me onto NatPro and although I have been blessed with no hot flashes or sleep issues, I was really concerned about my total lack of libido, vaginal dryness and generally less sparky outlook.

Very interestingly after 2 months I have just started to feel a bit more libido stirring and in the last few days a bit of discharge!

I think I must have had a degree of oestrogen dominance with what I call a 'woolly brain' headaches, inexplicable 2-3 kgs weight gain despite intermittent 5:2 fasting for the last 2 months occasional very low morale despite nothing being wrong! and mild nausea in the morning when having eaten something.

Suddenly the nausea is much less, the tiredness and headaches abating and the weight normalising.

SO my question really is, with no ovaries at all, where is the oestrogen coming from? I'm suppling the progesterone but with the symptoms of oestrogen dominance what is going on?!

I am trying to explain this to my husband who thinks I/m pinning all my hopes on Natural Progesteron. Even intelligent men cant help themselves doubt a simple pure solution when it presents disappointing.


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Mar 08, 2016
Ovary Removal
by: Joy

Hi Molly

Many have had to use alternative creams while the company undergoes reconstruction. These stock outs should be a thing of the past very soon. The cream that you are using only delivers a 960mg progesterone concentration, whereas Natpro delivers 2000mg. Last I heard, the cream you are using does not list their ingredients which is a concern. I always check the ingredients, please could you let me have the ingredients if this has changed.

It saddens me greatly when I hear of ovaries being removed unnecessarily. If it's not cancer related, why removed them? I used to be riddle with breast and ovary cysts, all caused by excess estrogen of course. The moment I stopped taking BCP and went onto progesterone therapy, ALL my cysts cleared up, never to return again. That was approximately 14 years ago. If only the medical field would recognise the benefits of progesterone. It's quite clear that you were and still are, suffering from Estrogen Dominance and Black Cohosh, in my humble opinion is a complete waste of time and money.

Having both ovaries removed would have put you straight into Menopause, were you not advised of this? Low libido often starts at around Peri-Menopause and/or Menopause. Natpro is excellent when insterted in the vagina at night for dryness, in fact it helps with inflammation. I try to do this most nights. This discharge is quite normal as progesterone would be 'clearing out' things, please do not be concerned about this. Your woolly brain, headaches, weight gain all indicate that you have not been using enough progesterone for your symptoms. Please double the amount that you are currently using and when Natpro is back in stock you can then use the correct amount. I would say for you, 200mg per day every day, see how you go on that amount, you many need to increase it all depends on how much excess estrogen you now have. Please read the How to use Progesterone Cream page. If your weight gain continues to be a problem, you could look at the Ketogenic Diet which has helped so many people.

To answer your question, 'where is the estrogen coming from". Well there are well over 100 estrogen mimics in our environment as it is. Because of this, we ALL need to supplement with the correct progesterone therapy.

I love your "Even intelligent men cant help themselves doubt a simple pure solution when it presents disappointing". If only they and our wonderful medical professionals would realise the benefits of natural progesteorne.

Do you know what your Vitamin D3 level is? A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone and is connected to every single functioning cell in our bodies. Most important, is that co-factors are taken/used when take vitamin D3, magnesium is considered to be the most important.

I hope this helps, but while you wait for Natpro to come back into stock, please double the cream that you are now using. Have you filled in the CONTACT US button on the website, if not, please do so that you can be notified when stock is back in.

Please read the following pages:

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