No Period After Stopping the Pill....ugh

by Renee
(Atlanta, GA USA)

I am currently 33. I started by period at age 12...I was never regular. It seemed that my emotions had a great impact on when I would start. Sometimes my period came every month. Sometimes it skipped a month or two. Sometimes it came twice in a month. I dealt with this until my engagement to my husband and I started Ortho Tri-Cylcen.

After two years on the pill, we moved for my husband's job. I ran out of the prescription and decided to just lay off of hormones for a while. I didn't have a period for four months. Frightened, I went to the doctor who gave me some blood tests (all negative results) and then gave me a hormone pill to kickstart a period before putting me back on Ortho.

Fast forward three years, we move again(!) and I decide to go off the pill all together for my health. It's now been ten months since I had a period!!! The funny thing is, I've never felt better, physically and emotionally, since coming off the pill, but not having a cycle is unnerving. I've been obsessed with how to start it, trying all kinds of herbs and teas, etc. I haven't had any other side effects or symptoms to indicate something serious (aside from acne), but I'm very upset that I'm not menstruating. I have a doctor's appointment set up for next week, but am really dreading going in. I don't want to be told I need more pills to straighten out. I really want my body to TRY to remember how to ovulate and menstruate.

Does anyone have similar stories or advice for me? I'm trying to change up my diet as well, in hopes that I will have an overall recovery.
Thanks for your response(s)!

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