Many symptoms

by Mária

51 éves változó korban lévő nő vagyok. Kb. három hónapja iszonyú erős csalánkiütésem lett. Mindenféle diagnosztikát mondtak az orvosok, hideg kézre Raynaud szindrómát, mindenféle allergia vizsgálatot végeztek, góckutatásokat, minden negatív lett. Mondtam orvosnak, hogy ösztrogén dominencia kinevetett. Saját magam kezdtem kezelni mexicói yam krémmel, kiütések elmúltak. Nagy nehezen kaptam laboratóriumi beutalót hormonvizsgálatra. Holnap megyek vérvételre. Nem tudom, hogy milyen eredmények a jók a hormonvizsgálatnál.

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51 years old menopausal woman. About three months ago was awful strong hives. All kinds of diagnostics, said the doctor, Raynaud's syndrome, cold hands, all kinds of allergy tests performed, góckutatásokat, all came back negative. I told doctor that estrogen dominencia laughed. I began to treat myself Mexican yam cream, rash disappeared. With great difficulty I got a referral laboratory hormone test. Tomorrow I'm going blood sampling. I do not know what the results are good hormonvizsgálatnál.

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Nov 14, 2012
Many symptoms
by: Wray

Hi Maria Your symptoms all point to Oestrogen Dominance. Both Peri-menopause and Menopause can be the most difficult times in our lives. No doctor seems to understand it, can give little advice, and usually dismisses it as yours did. The symptoms are all too real, millions of women go through them, so why therefore don't doctors pay attention? This is a list of those symptoms. You say you used a yam cream, if the rash disappeared it was probably a progesterone cream you used, as that does help skin rashes. If you would like help understanding your blood tests, please come back to me with them. I can go through them for you. Take care Wray

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