I miscarried twice and had a still birth because of low progesterone

by Jeanie King
(Flint, MI)

When i was pregnant with my first son, i suddenly started bleeding heavily in the first trimester. My OB put me on progesterone suppositories and kept me on them i believe into my second trimester. The bleeding stopped immediately and my son was born healthy 1 day late.
I became pregnant again 9 months later and the bleeding was worse than the first time. Again my OB put me on progesterone suppositories. My 2nd son was born 16 days early and small but skinny. My hair thinned terribly worse than after my first pregnancy.
9 months later i was pregnant again but my OB had retired. My new OB did not believe i needed progestetone. I miscarried before the end of the first trimester. Less than a year later i was pregnant again. The same OB put me on bed rest rather than progesterone. The bleeding came and went throughout my first 20 weeks. My baby died the day after Christmas that year, 1997. Afterward, my OB finally tested me for low progesterone and agreed that the next time ki get pregnant I need to come see her immediately for the suppositories. Unfortunately, the next year when I had conceived my thyroid also went wacko and again I miscarried and became very depressed.

My husband and I have always wanted a large family. I went to our DO for blood tests on my thyroid. I burst into tears in his office and told him my story. He told me about Dr Lee's book and video to show my mom and sisters. My DO had me start using progesterone cream for a whole year before getting pregnant again. He also recommended a new OB. As a result I had a very healthy baby girl in 2000 with absolutely no bleeding during pregnancy. However, a week after she was born I started hemorrhaging and had to have a D&C. My OB, my husband, and my family told me they were afraid I would die if I had anymore babies, so my husband had a vasectomy when our daughter was just 6 months old.

I never consistently continued using progesterone cream after that but have always had very low libido, have always been very thin, and very small breasts, although I nursed all three children successfully. I just started using progesterone cream again about 3 months ago to help with my low energy, low libido, thin hair,etc. I'm still on armor thyroid too. But recently I have noticed sharp pains in my breasts, not always the left. They don't last long but they are sharply painful when it happens. I think, but am not positive, that my breasts may actually have grown a little since my bras seem to be uncomfortable now and were always too big before. I don't know if that is actually possible now that I'm 45 years old! My libido seems to be a little better but my periods are still too close together, like every 3 weeks or so and lasting at least a week each time. So my concern is whether or not to continue the cream, or raise or lower how much I am using...right now its just 1 full pump once a day of Syngenic 2% micronized natural procare with high potency b12 methylcobalamin. Any professional advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading!

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Oct 31, 2016
by: Anonymous

Was curious if anyone posted her a private message. I too hemorrhaged after a miscarriage and had to have a dnc and two blood transfusions. That was 6 months ago for me and since I've gone through quite a bit emotionally and physically. I suffered through severe panic attacks, anxiety, low energy, a low to no libido , irritability, morning and night time nausea, a period cycle that switched from 28 days to 23 days now...consistently for two months until last month it hit on the 24th day, extremely painful cramping and heavy blessing for two to three days...then light spotting , no sign of period, seems to stop only to start up again a day later for a whole day. Oh and Extreme cramping during ovulation. I just started the same cream as mentioned above . Been using for three days but using three pumps a day. Would like some help too. Am I using the cream correctly since I'm trying to follow your guidelines and not what the bottle recommends.

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