Do you stop P cream cold turkey when following your cycle?

by J
(Cape Cod)

Hi Wray,

There's one thing I can't seem to find an actual answer for throughout your comments and pages.

You say to always reduce slowly as to not incur adverse symptoms, yet when using 100-200mg starting from ovulation until bleeding (luteal phase), do you stop the cream cold turkey every month?

Could you please clear up the confusion for us here?

Thanks and best regards

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Mar 21, 2016
stopping cold turkey
by: Anonymous

Hi -

This is an excellent question and I'd love to hear what answers are given as well. Thanks for posting!

Mar 31, 2016
Re: Cold Turkey
by: Anonymous

I'm dying to know the answer too! Does anyone have any insight to this?

May 31, 2016
Please answer this
by: Anonymous

Can somebody please answer this? It is EXTREMELY important and something quite fundamental we ALL need to know. Thanks.

Jun 01, 2016
Please answer this
by: Wray

Hi there I think no one has answered this as there are numerous references to it on the site. I put 'cold turkey' into our search field and came up with 10 pages of comments! 100-200mg/day is not a high amount, so yes you can come off it cold turkey each month. If you are on a therapeutic amount, i.e. 500mg/day and more to overcome a severe problem, then yes it is advisable to reduce slowly. But someone using 500mg/day or more would not be following any cycle. Take care Wray

Jun 01, 2016
Please answer this
by: Alyce

I am on this site daily, I read so many posts where people ask the same questions over and over. Use the search bar that is what it is there for.

All the best.

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