Discovery of ovarian cyst in post menopause...

by Tina
(Quebec, Canada)


I just discover today by ultrasound done that I have an ovarian cyst in menopause( 2 years)...I was wondering what can caused this to happen?? I apply progesterone cream 200mg morning and night since many months/years now but since 3 months, my doctor added testosterone cream 1mg/day. I was wondering if the testosterone cream could have had the ovarian cyst to develop?
Don't have hot flush anymore but feel since a month or so that I have more estrogen dominance symptoms.
Not to sure what to do now, kinda worry since my mom died of ovarian cancer (non genetic).

Hopefully you can help me a bit because it's very hard to have good infos on BHT mostly testosterone cream.

Thank you!!

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Aug 25, 2023
Discovery of ovarian cyst in post menopause...
by: Joy

Hi Tina

Usually excess estrogen causes cysts. I used to be plagued with breast and ovarian cysts. They all stopped once I started using Natpro Progesterone Cream. You are taking a good amount of progesterone so it can't be that. I am at a loss as to why your doctors prescribed testosterone. They can cause cysts not to mention the dark side, see here. So yes, I would say that testosterone is behind it. I am most surprised that your doctor doesn't know this! Please read the page on Cysts.

I am sure that you have had it tested and that there isn't anything sinister going on. My advice, testosterone belongs in the garbage can.

Hope this helps.

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