Confused & tired of living with hellacious symptoms

Nov. 2014 I have a supacervical hysterectomy. After that, my emotions changed. I became angry quicker. But my doctors would not listen. I was just told I was fine & was just stressed.

In July 2015, I went to the OBGYN who noticed my blood pressure was abnormally high (165/88 and usually its around 110/80). Two days later, while driving down the interstate, something happened that would alter me. My mouth, hands & feet became warm & tingly, I became extremely thirsty, I got a burning sensation in my chest, I became short of breath, my blood pressure & pulse shot up. After it started to drop I became shaky and extremely cold. From July - November, I would spend 6 months fighting doctors. Test after test after test came back "normal." "You're just stressed, here's some prozac" they would all say. My symptoms would happen at random. I could be as relaxed as could be and then bang, an episode would occur. I have seen two cardiologist, three internal medicine doctors and three obgyn's. Only one, a cardiologist agreed it was a hormone issue and not stress. I finally got tired of them telling me I was stressed and tried their prozac (10 mg) at the end of November. In all the test they did, they only found my A1C number to be sightly elevated (5.8 I believe). I was told it was not a concern and would not cause anxiety.

Finally in December I went to an integrative medicine doctor. She said she thought I had estrogen dominance. She put me on progesterone cream and started me on vitamin D. My vitamin D had been bouncing between low & borderline normal for 2 years. I started the progesterone cream. After 4 weeks, my symptoms diminished greatly. The episodes still happened, but I barely felt them. However, then she did a saliva test to prove we were on the right track. My cortisol level shows that it is high in the early morning. Likewise, my progesterone level was 2,397. That level scared me and I went back to my OBGYN, who told me to come off the progesterone. Now that I have stopped it, my symptoms are returning.

Please help! I am so confused. No one seems to know what is wrong with me and both sides (medical & holistic) seem to contradict each other. I just want to feel normal again and go the store without fearing an episode will happen.

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Jan 15, 2016
by: Anonymous

I am not a doctor, but rather someone who has been through normal menopause, with thankfully, a normal process of aging for me. My symptoms were scary, anxiety going over bridges, nervousness, sweats night and day, adrenal fatigue, moodiness, etc...

I went on hormones but continued for two years trying to find the right doctor. I have finally found one, and she fixed my issue, with Bi0T estrogen Pellets, Progesterone cream, Armour Thyroid. After a year on this regimen I am off of Estrogen completely, due to it causing me to spot, but remain on progesterone cream and Armour thyroid.

I am feeling normal finally, and I don't have a need for estrogen at this point. I believe that because I am now post menopausal, and made it through the rough part with hormone therapy, that I am now okay without Estrogen, which has been 3 months, and have not had any symptoms return.

I use 300 mg of estrogen a day, 200 at night, and 100 morning. It is working great. Even though I found a doctor that finally knew something about hormones, she still does not know about Progesterone only therapy, but is very supportive.

I had to be my own advocate, and have done a lot of research. Know your symptoms, and find a good doctor, check out the Bio T site, which has doctors they recommend, which most are pretty knowledgeable in hormones. Hope this helps.

Jan 15, 2016
Confused & tired of living with hellacious symptoms
by: RJ

Most the time we ask "how old are you" LOL Knowing your age really won't matter...only to tell us if you are in peri or not. Gosh woman in their 20's have trouble as you are having. If you type my name in the search bar on Wray's homepage, you can read my story and see that I had the exact same situation as you. The first time it happened I was laying in bed, about 2 a.m. I woke my husband up and told him I need to go to the ER right now, I think I'm having a heart attack. On the way there I was telling him everything he needed to do and pay in case I was having one LOL. All tests came back okay, they pumped me with morphine...yep morphine and I went home and slept it off to wake up that afternoon with a period that had started. This went on for a few months until I was told you probably have uterine cancer from my gynecologist assistance. And through the Lord's help found Wray. I guess I am not the norm...I would not have all those tests done. Cannot afford them anyway because of the expense. The best test for you to take How do you feel, are you sleeping at night, how are the cycles, spotting, heavy bleeding, grizzly bear attitude, raging, crying, bloating, water weight, heart racing, blurry vision, migraines, ringing in the ears, etc.? I have been on 300-1,000mg a day, non-stop for almost four years. At first I was so reluctant, but Wray kept pushing me and once I was on almost 1,000mg a day things began to subside. Fast forward four years and I will tell you that none of these changes will happen over night. And so many things will make the moods and feeling well, fluctuate and will require higher doses until things settle again. Wray has recently been on 2,000mg a day because of extreme stress. And when we stop and start progesterone all it does is allow the estrogen to dominant once again. Remember since we all have fat cells, we will always be making estrogen but not progesterone at the levels we need it. Whitecoat doctors are hard to trust...we become numbers and insurance dollar's no longer quality of care but quantity of care...they must reach their quota each month. Most no longer are self-employed but work for big hospitals or medical groups. Listen to your body. You were feeling a bit better and now feel horrible. Coritsol will rise with stress and when we do not feel well, we are so very stressed. Keep reading Wray's site, she has so much good information to help. I always like to throw out my helpful sites to folks. These are just a few. Go to them and type in your trouble in the search bar.

The light is at the end of the tunnel! Have faith and most of all be patient and listen to your body. God Bless! RJ

Jan 15, 2016
I feel your pain
by: Jamileh

I am by no means an expert. I just started 500 mg of progesterone cream per day 3 months ago. I have had heart problems and have had an ablation. Then I had another major heart episode and was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. I've suffered with tightening of the chest, heart palpitations, severe anxiety and depression among many other symptoms. Since starting a high dose of progesterone cream and a high dose of vitamin d3 (10,000 iu) I have not suffered with any heart palpitations, tightening of my chest, no racing heart, no anxiety and no depression. I can live my life without worrying about bringing on an atrial fibrillation episode. All of my previous symptoms I have related to severe estrogen dominance. Not one single doctor, not even a metabolism and hormone endocrinologist specialist could help me. Trust your holistic doctor. The medical community has failed me and many other women. To the medical community, it's all in our heads. Go back on your progesterone cream and vitamin d3. I would start with 200mg a day or double that if your symptoms are severe. I promise you this is the right path for you. I know the experts on here will chime in and confirm all the science behind progesterone therapy.

Jan 15, 2016
Hellacious symptoms
by: Diane

Hi there... Unless your Gyno is functional/integrative medicine, I would stick with the dr who RXed you progesterone cream. How much were you using daily? I had a lot of the same symptoms amongst others and since being on P cream, the quality of my life is vastly improved with the occasional break through symptom. I am on 300mg cream daily 100mg in the Am 100mg in the afternoon and 100mg PM. Also, make sure a Vitamin D is about 80.. Watch your sugar and simple carbs... Minimize those.. They are poison to our bodies.. Lots of veggies and proteins, complex carbs..

You may or may not experience estrogen dominance going back on the progesterone, so PLEASE read the Estrogen dominance page on this website. My Gyno uses labs as a tool but not necessarily treats on lab values but more based on symptoms. I wish you luck! Keep us posted.

Jan 15, 2016
Go by symptoms, not tests
by: Pam

According to Dr Jacob Teitelbaum, chronic fatigue specialist. Why second guess something that is working? I'm soaking in it and it's done me nothing but good.

Jan 16, 2016
by: Skelley12

Thanks to all who have responded. Sorry I forgot to put my age, I am 39. I am on 20 Mg of progesterone. My testosterone is elevated as well. The white coat dr I saw doesn't want to deal with me now that my symptoms are coming back, proving that the progesterone was working. So, back to the Intergrative/holistic dr I go.

RJ - OMG! You described me so well. Yes, it feels like a heart attack. Scares me a lot. Mine happened the 1st time on the interstate while I was driving. So now I am scared to drive on the interstate. Sometimes I sleep, sometimes I toss & turn. Sometimes I am burning up and other times I am freezing to death. My emotions jump from angry to crying. I honestly regret having the partial hysterectomy. White coats tell me I am too young for menopause or peri, but this sure does feel like it. I just want my life back. I've been though 6 months of hell. Doctor bills are mounting.

Do any of you find that following a particular diet helps? I noticed she talks about a couple diets on her website. Tried any with luck?

Jan 17, 2016
Regarding diet
by: Pam

Following an "anti-inflammatory" diet has done me the most good. I use the Primal Plan at Mark's Daily Apple.

Since estrogen is inflammatory and that's what we DO NOT want.

It emphasizes whole foods, like seafood, meat, high fat dairy, non-starchy vegetables, and low sugar fruits like berries and cherries.

By looking at the gallery of happy folks at Wheatbellyblog (which is a similar plan) you can see the evidence of lowered inflammation and better mood, in their faces.

It's important to craft any plan in a way that works for you. When I got thrown into surgical menopause, dealing with my own hormone hell, online sources urged a vegetarian way of eating.

It was a disaster. My intestines rebelled against all that fiber, I couldn't get enough protein, and I wasn't getting enough good fats to make my own hormones!

Jan 17, 2016
Zero carb
by: Jamileh

If your are using 20 mg of progesterone a day, you are using way too little. You should use at least 200 mg a day. I'm currently using 500 mg a day. With heart issues I would use that amount until your symptoms subside. You feel like you are having a heart attack but I actually have a heart condition and since starting 500 mg of progesterone a day, I have not had one palpitation, no heart arythmias, nothing. Using at least 200 mg a day of progesterone cream you will alleviate any heart issues. Im completely calm and I never have to worry about dying in my sleep. (That's usually when my heart arythmias hit me.)

In regards to diet, the best in my opinion is a zero carb or a keto diet. I lost 150 pounds on zero carbs. That is eating fatty meat and eggs, olive oil and butter. I didn't eat any veggies either. Sugar is our worst enemy when we are battling estrogen dominance. This diet always kept me hormonally even. I never had pms symptoms etc. Only since adding sugar and carbs, have I felt the ill effects of estrogen dominance.

Jan 18, 2016
Confused & tired of living with hellacious symptoms
by: RJ

Hello SKelly12!
Oh my 20mg a day is causing all your troubles right now. All that it is doing is allowing all the estrogen molecules to have an open playing field within your body. Keeps them all very excited and more than happy to make more estrogen LOL. Knock on wood, I have not had heart issues since that first year. In fact, weened myself off the atenolol they put me on years ago. Now looking back my heart issues always came around my cycles. Doctors don't look at that, they see "heart trouble" and here is the pill to solve it. The medical field doesn't like to do research on woman. It has only been recently that they are recognizing that, we too, have a need for research. I was having hormonal issues in my mid 30's but didn't have a clue as to their cause. Now, 20 years later, I do. There are times I know my estrogen is rising cause my heart will begin to race, but I add more progesterone and it goes away. I believe as a whole society, we (men too) are all estrogen dominant. Thus, the quick rise in cancer over the last 20 years. High incidents of reproductive cancers in men and woman. Society has gone synthetic in most everything, including man-made foods. The makeup we wear, shampoos, lotions and then the pills we take, to hopefully, give us a quick fix. I was there doing and taking all of it until peri hit me and then I began to step back and look at things differently. Increase that progesterone to 500mg a day and take it non-stop for three to four months. Listen to your body see how you feel or what changes are occurring. An absolute must for all of us starting progesterone is a daily diary....keep track what was happening each day and all the symptoms you are having each day...especially the dosage you are at. You will thank yourself a year down the road when things change or you think to yourself I've never had this problem before. Guaranteed you will go back in that diary and see, yep, you had it and look at what was occurring in your life when it did happen. Now you won't be so alarmed and you will know what to do to overcome the issue. At 39, you are just beginning this journey. Not to be in peri or meno...typical of whitecoats to say that. Golly, I read women on here that have peri and meno problems when they are in their 20's. Miscarriages are rising...why...hormones are off-kilter. Stress...oxidative stress....not enough progesterone and the embryo cannot survive. Remember whitecoats need us unhealthy and sick. I have been following a natural herb that the FDA will not approve, that is added in the manufacturing process of alcohol, that will prevent damage to the liver. It's from the licorice root. Why would the FDA not approve it? Alcohol is abused by so many, making them sick and thus needing healthcare. Think of all the health problems that occur because our livers are taxed. Billions of dollars would be lost in the healthcare field. I do not see hospitals downsizing. In fact, most are adding on huge, pretty buildings. I am sorry...Wray and Joy know I get on my rant about big dollars in our medical field. The diet.....SKelly, I used to weigh 300lbs. Did on and off, for about eight years. Have always been overweight except for my high school years. Then when I had our daughter at 19, I gained 80lbs and up I went from there. Wray is a big advocate of the Keto diet. I do follow it somewhat, but being Italian, love fresh bread and pasta. But about six months ago decided it was time to get rid of them. I went all gluten free. I use Authentic Foods Multi Blend flour and Lakanto Monk Fruit as my substitute sugar. It's really good, but super expensive. But I don't make things like I used to so I don't have a need for it anymore. Since then I have lost 50lbs. But it's not easy. It all is so much more than progesterone. Do not take progesterone without Vitamin D3 and don't take D3 without K2, magnesium and boron. High amounts of D3 without any of those will allow calcium to build in the arteries and cause calcification in other areas we do not want it to build up. Taking the other supplements will allow that calcium to go into our bones where it is needed. My entire family takes a cocktail of all kinds of supplements each day. And also remember that probiotics and digestive enzymes help with overall health. We take 50-200 billion cfu's of probiotics each day and digestive enzymes with each meal. The gut is where our health begins and my families' guts have been very unhealthy for years. Be patient and listen to your body and get on a higher amount of progesterone. Remember it's not going to happen patience is going to be a big one in this journey for you. God Bless! RJ

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