Adenomyosis, heavier flow since starting with cream


I'm not sure really what to do as my flow and cycle have gone crazy since starting with progesterone cream. Advice and/or reassurance would be hugely appreciated.
I have adenomyosis which causes heavy periods - about 500ml a month for the last 6 months with big clots (prior to that less heavy) that lasts 10-14 days, with ovulation spotting at times. Cycle was more or less 28 days - reasonably predictable. My oestrogen levels, when tested, are in the low end of normal but I'm guessing proportionally, my progesterone is low, but the doctor tested at the wrong time for these levels even though I specifically asked, so it's a guess.
I started on 60mg of cream and all hell broke lose - My period came after 3 weeks with lots of breast tenderness which I haven't had in more than a year and I lost a litre of blood. When I'd lost 700ml (200 in one day) I looked online found here and immediately put the dose up to 500mg and in 2 days my period slowed to just spotting. I also ordered NAC and taurine, have been taking vit D for at least 3 months. Just spotting lasted 3 days and then I started with a light flow (happens to coincide with day I started NAC) - this was 14 days after I started last period so I thought it was ovulation spotting but 3 days later and I'm in full blown period again - lost 50ml in first 3 hours of being awake this morning! I upped progesterone to 600mg on friday out of desperation but am not sure whether this was the right thing.

If I just need to sit and wait it out as things stabilise I can live with it but I'm worried I may be taking too much or too little.
I'm on iron tablets as I'm very anaemic - there's not much lower I can go without causing a hospital visit!!

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Jul 24, 2018
Adenomyosis and heavy bleeding protocol
by: Joy


Adenomyosis is similar to Endometriosis. Normally between 100-200mg per day is needed, more if symptoms are severe.

This heavy/continual protocol has helped so many women, you might consider trying it.

* 400-500mg Natpro Progesterone Cream per day
* 2000mg N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) per day
* 2000mg Taurine per day
* 5000iu's Vitamin D per day
* 1000mg Bioflavanoids per day

Often symptoms can get worse before they get better. It can take time, 2-6 months of the correct use of progesterone usually helps. Please read the How to use Progesterone cream page. Half the amount of cream used should be used in the morning and the other half at night, never use once a day. This will help to keep progesterone levels stable.

Vitamin D3 is very important as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone, optimal range is between 70-100ng/mL. Nothing less than 5,000iu's is needed daily. Co-factors are needed when taking D3, magnesium and vitamin K2 with no soy are the important ones.

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