Young and no sex drive! Help!

by Chad

I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction here. I am a 26 year old male, about 5'8 175lbs and probably about 20 to 25% body fat but I look fit if that makes sense. I have fat stored in my stomach and I look like I have man boobs. I am wondering if this could be from low testosterone?

I have really thin hair and it seems to be progressing in its loss, my sex life and libido is next to nothing cause I just don't have the desire anymore and keeping an erection seems almost impossible which has been causing me alot of depression because of the simple fact that I can't performe at such a young age, the fact of knowing that keeps me away from even trying and very distant because of the insecurity it causes me. I feel like I can sleep all the time but yet it's very difficult for me to sleep. Exhausted is probably a better term for the feeling. Viagra and other ED drugs do help but they give me really bad sinus congestion.

I just want to feel like the young man that I am. I have tried it all when it comes to supplements that are supposed to address these symtopms, all were natural herbal products but nothing has helped. Could this progesterone be of any help for what I have described or anything else for that matter, or certain products? I have also tried DHEA and Chrysine supplements but they did not have any effect. Thank you for your help.

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Dec 09, 2010
Young and no sex drive! Help!
by: Wray

Hi Chad I believe progesterone could help you, we have many men using it to good affect. For low libido, BPH, stress, man boobs, difficulty urinating, depression etc. Progesterone is not a sex hormone, so can be used safely in both men and women. In fact they now give it via IV transfusion to brain trauma victims, ±70% are men, see here. I don't believe the problems are due to a lack of testosterone per se, but one of excess oestrogen. This is suppressing your progesterone and testosterone. Interestingly, there is evidence it's progesterone responsible for high libido, and not testosterone, see here and here. The stomach fat and Man Boobs are an indication your oestrogen is too high, the exhausted feeling too. Please read this page, as it explains what excess oestrogen does, the affect high prolactin has and what a lack of protein, in particular the amino acid tyrosine, does. Most of us have excess oestrogen, it's unavoidable as it's ubiquitous in the environment causing Endocrine Disruption. And see the website Our Stolen Future too. Excess oestrogen can also cause Insulin Resistance. Weight gain, tiredness/exhaustion, foggy brain, depression, hair loss are just a few symptoms of IR. A lack of vitamin D can cause IR too, please consider a test. For more info please see the Vitamin D council website. Please consider having a prolactin test too. Take care Wray

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