Will progesterone cream help me?

by Lea

Heavy menstrual cycle with no end in sight... This is the second occurance of a menstrual cycle that has started heavy with clotting and not stopped. Four years ago my cycle started and lasted for 11 weeks before my ob/gyn could get me in to see him. Then he put me on birth control for a month to regulate my hormonal imbalance. This caused the never ending cycle that worked but due to the blood loss I ended up in hospital and received 2 pints of blood. The blood loss caused my IIH to go full blown and cause vision loss.

Now I am again experiencing this - second week of cycle going on third week. I do not want to go on the pill again. Will progesterone cream help me to stop my cycle and restore the hormone balance? If so how should I use it?

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Dec 19, 2008
Will progesterone cream help me?
by: Wray

Hi Lea. Yes it will help you, but you will probably have to use a high dose. I am currently helping a girl in the UK with periods that lasted ten or more months. She has been using 9ml/day of the Natpro for the past 5 months and a cycle started to appear in the third month. It's still erratic, but at least she has stopped bleeding continuously. If you know what your cycle length should be, please follow that. If not then use a 28 day cycle, counting the first day of bleeding as day 1, and use the cream for the last 14 days, ie from day 15. Take care Wray

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