Why is my beautiful hair coming out?

by Katie

Thank goodness I found this website... a pleasant surprise.

We are trying to have a child and believe my progesterone is lacking.

Now my hair is coming out. each morning I wake up and the pillow has at least 20 hairs and throughout the day I always feel a hair falling. But we will conquer this and pray to have a natural child!

Progesterone is so important as are the other hormones that should be working well in my body. Some doctors just say 'oh well'... order blood tests and when the tests come back just say you are in range.

That is not good enough for us. We need truth and encouragement to balance hormones etc., if there is imbalance... in this case progesterone.

Glad this website is here.

Is this normal to lose so much hair...wow?

Thank you everybody who contributes to this website, it really makes a difference when you can get correct answers and truth.

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Aug 14, 2009
Why is my beautiful hair coming out?
by: Wray

Hi Katie. Thanks for your kind words about the site! Your hair should not be coming out, are you very stressed at the moment? Progesterone will certainly help as it's very calming. If there is excess oestrogen in the body, it's converted into androgens which cause the hair loss or 'male pattern baldness'.

Progesterone suppresses both oestrogen and androgens. If you are not having luck in having a child it could be your progesterone is too low in spite of the tests saying all is 'normal', this is so vital for a successful pregnancy. It might be worth doing the questionnaire on our site to see if you are lacking it, the questionnaire is in the right margin of this page.

And please see this web page we have on pregnancy.

Take care, Wray

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