Where are you?

When is your forum going to start..i have been checking back for at least 2 months much less 2 weeks...and i see lots of questions but no answers...is everyone on holidays??:)

Note from webmaster...
Your question is a good one and very justified given that the 'opening' of the forums has been pending for some time. The reality is that we have been weighing the pros and cons of a conventional forum against the hybrid blog/commentary system that this very post is a part of. A decision on which way to go is imminent but likely to come down on the side the current set up and the scrapping of the forum idea. One reason is that, in the absence of a number of competent moderators, forums can quickly lose focus and therefor value to visitors. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Aug 21, 2011
With thanks & small question
by: E.A.

In appreciation of your response Webmaster, thank you..and hope
your projection will come through. I value this gift of time, energy,
and information shared to the questions Wray answers, very much!
And understand it must be often an overwhelming experience.

Out of curiosity, does Natpro lose efficacy when applied to damp skin, to facilitate even distribution and control of amount?
Respectfully, E.A. in B.C.

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