When do I begin?

by Sandra
(Ontario, CA)

I am 47 and have all of the symptoms - depression, sleep difficulty, foggy brain, bad memory, can't concentrate, feel angry/anxious, painful tender breasts, worry a lot, low (0) libido, chronic fatigue and more.... ordered the cream, received it a few days ago.

I am anxious to start, but do not know when I should. I am due for my period in a day or two, so will wait. How do I know which will be day 14 if my cycle has started to get more irregular? I would only be guessing the future. How do I know when it will be coming if it is getting more erratic?

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Sep 18, 2009
When do I begin?
by: Wray

Hi Sandra I've answered you via email, but in case you don't get it I have pasted my reply below:

Peri-menopause is such a difficult time, having been through it! You won?t know when to start the cream if they are starting to become irregular. There are two options, guess or use it daily. I found my symptoms came back when I took the break, at the time my cycle was very regular. But I could see no point in the hell I was going through during the break and phoned Dr Dalton in the UK in a panic! She advised using the progesterone daily, I did and didn?t look back.

My cycles came and went when they wanted to, with no symptom to advise when they would, a bit disconcerting but the relief of no symptoms was immense. If you know the average length of your cycle, ie if it?s 30 days, you would start the cream on day 16 for the next 14. So you could initially try to follow it, but from now on it will get more and more irregular and you will get frustrated, particularly as you will be using less progesterone than you should. I will have to leave it up to you to decide, but knowing the benefit I had from daily use, I can only recommend that route!

Please have a look at this web page, it gives more information on peri-menopause.

Before you start the cream please have a look at this page on estrogen dominance.

So many women don?t realise oestrogen dominance can occur and it?s very off-putting, the page above explains why it happens. Take care.

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