What are the side effects?

by Ash
(Tullahoma, TN, US)

I am on my 4th pregnancy and about 8 weeks along. This is the first one where progesterone injections have been administered.

A couple of days after the first injection I started having some light brown discharge I thought was blood, and thought oh no, not again. However, with the other pregnancies I lost all pregnancy symptoms before I ever started bleeding, and once it started light, within the next several hours it became heavy. With this one, I am still having morning sickness, tender breasts, exhaustion, cravings, all the norm. Is it possible that this bleeding or discharge is just a side effect?

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May 11, 2010
What are the side effects?
by: Wray

Hi Ash. I take it the other pregnancies ended in miscarriage, hence the progesterone injections now? And how often do you have the injections? I'm not in favour of them, as they are large and painful and to be effective should be given daily. The dose is normally 50mg, is this the amount you are getting? To my mind not sufficient to help, recurrent miscarriages need at least 200mg/day, divided into twice daily applications. Progesterone levels drop if too long a period lapses between doses or applications, 12 hours should be the maximum between each. You say the discharge occurred two days after the injection, which to my mind indicates the progesterone level is dropping. Incidentally all the symptoms you give, morning sickness, tender breasts, exhaustion, cravings are not normal, but an indication progesterone is too low. I don't know why doctors wait until a woman is pregnant before giving progesterone, and not weeks before pregnancy. This gives the body time to adjust to the higher level. We have a web page on pregnancy here. In particular please read the article by Dr Dalton, there is a link on the page. The web page has many papers on miscarriage, please take time to read them, you'll see what I mean about a higher amount being needed. Take care, Wray

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