Using Progesterone Straight Through

by Karen

I took your advice and have been using the NatPro progesterone straight through for two months or so. It made my periods less severe.

Now I wanted to see if it would be the time to use it according to my cycle.

I am 44 and have consistently had my period every 21 to 24 days. How do I now try to use it by mimicking my cycle? I have been using about 170 mg. should I stay at this amount or decrease it?

Thank you.

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Mar 04, 2011
Using Progesterone Straight Through
by: Wray

Hi Karen I'm so pleased it helped the severe periods. As you have a 21 to 24 day cycle, you should ovulate on days 7 to 10. It's up to you which you choose, or you can opt for the average, ie 8-9 days. So next time you start bleeding, stop the cream. Count 7 to 10 days from day 1, which is the first day of bleeding, before starting it again. Don't be concerned if the cycle is shorter or longer than normal, as it can disrupt the cycle when first following it. It usually settles in a cycle or two. But please keep an eye open for any symptoms you don't like! If you find them returning, it means you are not fully progesterone dominant, and I therefore suggest you continue using it daily for another cycle. Please stay on the amount you're using now, only when the cycle is normal and you feel good, can you begin reducing. But when you do please do so slowly. Take care Wray

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