Using Natpro for hot flashes, etc

by Diane

Hi Wray, I am trying to figure out how to use the Natpro for hot flashes. It seems the dose you recommend is pretty large (400 mg), which equals about 2-2 1/2 tsp. of Natpro. If 1/5 tsp covers both feet and legs (or both arms, stomach & breasts). How can I find enough surface area on my body for 2 tsp?? That would be 10 times the amount that covers both feet and legs, correct?

Also, do you use actual measuring spoons to measure the dose?
Thanks for helping me understand!

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Jul 18, 2011
another questions re hot flashes
by: Diane

Another question for you while I wait for a response....If I use a smaller amount of Natpro for the hot flashes (say 1 tsp per day instead of 2 tsp) will they eventually subside, although just take a little longer? I am wondering if the progesterone levels will eventually start to dominate the estrogen levels but just take a little longer if the dose is smaller.

Jul 19, 2011
Using Natpro for hot flashes, etc
by: Wray

Hi Diane I do suggest a high amount for hot flushes, simply because I've found low amounts don't help. Besides they are the most awful things to endure, the quicker they go the better! The cream is very light, so I have found a small amount goes a long way. But when symptoms are severe you'll find it is possible to just use more, the cream is absorbed very well. I occasionally top myself up with 2 tsp per day and find I have no difficulty in getting it in. It can be used hourly too, so I suggest as soon as you feel one coming rub some cream in. The neck and under the ears are good places, we have major veins and arteries there, and they are not generally covered with clothes. Although looking back to when I had them, I found I stripped most of my clothes off! I did initially use a measuring spoon from the kitchen, but now I just squeeze some out. Take care Wray

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