Unexplained bruising

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Progesterone and unexplained bruising are linked through collagen or connective tissue. Bruising results from the weakening of cell membranes. The hormone estrogen accelerates the aging of collagen, the connective tissue of which our body is made, thereby making the cell membrane weaker. Hormone imbalances induced by environmental poisons especially the 'xenoestrogens' play a significant role in aggravating the problem.

Progesterone on the other hand encourages old cells to breakdown and new ones to form. It is also a very effective anti-inflammatory.

Maintaining adequate levels of progesterone can not only eliminate bruising, but also prevent its return unless major stress intervenes. The reason for this is that the stress hormones are manufactured from progesterone, so what little progesterone the body makes will be used to counter the stress, leaving none for the healing process.

Bruising also responds well to the essential fatty acid Omega 3 - take from 15 to 75 ml/day of flaxseed oil. Vitamin C is also known to strengthen collagen - take from 1 to 3gm/day.

To find out more about progesterone therapy in general and how it benefits health issues other than unexplained bruising, please click here.

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