Trying to balance hormones? Help!

by Desiree
(Long Beach, MS)

I'm 25 female. I was diagnosed with PMDD at at 17 and put on Prozac, took it for 4 years, in 2006 (after being off Prozac for 1 year) I began having anxiety/panic attacks. Was diagnosed with GAD.

Took me 3 years to get pregnant with my son. When i got pregnant all of my symptoms went away. I got my first menstrual cycle at 10 weeks post partum and ALL the horrific symptoms returned. I have had my bloodwork done by an endocrinologist and she said my levels were low but she cannot see me until Nov! I am now on day 33 of my cycle with still no period. Yesterday day 32 I began having the anxiety symptoms again. These are my levels when tested on day 12 of a 32 day cycle...

Testosterone was 46 ng/dl
Free Testosterone was .8 pg/ml
DHEA was 401.8 ug/dl
Estradiol was 32.8 pg/ml
Progesterone was .8 ng/ml

Anyone know how to read these results and what they mean? I feel like the Drs are just brushing me off.

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Oct 17, 2010
by: Connie

Wow, you sound just like me Desiree. Had a baby boy this past January, did not get my period until JULY!!! Once I got my periods back, I have horrible anxiety as well. My TSH and my t4 are both low and it has been discovered by MRI that I have a pituitary adenoma. Hope you can get the help you need, maybe you need to look elsewhere to see a doctor? I am seeing an endocrinologist in November for my symptoms. I cannot wait!! Hopefully he can help me!! Hang in there, I know how bad you feel!!

Oct 19, 2010
Trying to balance hormones? Help!
by: Wray

Hi Desiree The PMDD was a result of low progesterone levels, the anxiety/panic attacks, including GAD, are a result of low progesterone levels. The length of time it took you to get pregnant could well have been due to low progesterone problems too. Dr Dalton first coined the term PMS in 1953, since then the term PMDD has been added. Describing severe PMS, I'm sure Dr Dalton would merely have used the word severe PMS if needed, I can't see the point in a name change. The problem is still the same, low progesterone. The complete absence of symptoms while pregnant only bears this out, we make over 400mg/day in the third trimester.
Your testosterone is within range Female 30 - 95 ng/dL See Medline Testosterone
Your DHEA is slightly high... Ages 20 - 29 65 - 380 ug/dL See Medline DHEA
Your oestradiol is with range Female (premenopausal) 30 - 400 pg/ml See Medline Oestradiol
Your progesterone is normal Female (follicular) < 1 ng/ml See Medline Progesterone
But why on earth they did a test in the follicular phase I don't know. If they want to check progesterone it must only be done in the luteal phase, which is when it rises. It's only made by the ovaries once ovulation has occurred. If this doesn't occur, or the corpus luteum is making insufficient all hell can break loose! Although you've been through pregnancy, please see our page on Pregnancy. It explains the role progesterone plays. And please read this by Dr Dalton, particularly the part on post natal depression, see here. If you should consider progesterone, please read our page on How to use progesterone. But please read this page on Oestrogen Dominance first. I recommend between 100-200mg/day progesterone, but it's entirely dependant on symptoms. As yours are evidently bad, you will probably benefit from the higher amount to begin with. You might need more, but only you can tell. Take care Wray

Oct 20, 2010
by: Wray

Hi Connie Periods can come within a few weeks after giving birth, or as long as 20 months after. Please see the info I've given Desiree, as it could be relevant to you too. Take care Wray

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