Thought I was going crazy

by Sherry
(Toronto, Ontario)

My heart in the night was going so fast and the night sweats, dry eyes, I was two years in post menopause and had lots of heart tests done. They said it was OK, but that doesn't help when you are in the middle of the night's sleep and you have to call 911 because you think you are going to have a heart attack. So, my doctor put me on the cream.

have been on it for two weeks and I kind of feel more calm. Maybe it is helping. I was to scared to try this, thought it was going cause cancer, but the more I read , the more it seems it is really good for you, not bad. I don't know if there is a blood test they can do to tell you if you are even with your hormones. The saliva test, I've been told, is $200. Too much money. If you know about this please tell me. Take care ladies.

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Jan 26, 2009
Thought I was going crazy
by: Wray

Hi Sherry. It can be a hectic time! And of course it's not OK, I do hope the cream helps, it's certainly helped many others. And no it won't cause cancer, please have a look at this web page we have, in particular the research papers:

There is a blood test, but it's not as accurate as the saliva test. I prefer to go by symptoms, no cost involved! You might like to do a questionnaire we have:

Take care Wray

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