Symptoms of menopause

by Julie

I would like to know the difference between your cream and the cream that was prescribed by my Dr. I am using it to counteract some of the symptoms of menopause.

I'm 49 years old and have a large uterine fibroid. I'm taking monthly shots of Lupron to reduce the tumor, so that I can have a hysterectomy!

I also have Hashimoto's disease, and I just switched from Levoxyl to Armour. The Levoxyl didn't relieve the symptons but the Armour is working better, as long as I stay away from carbs!?

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Aug 22, 2009
Symptoms of menopause
by: Wray

Hi Julie. Unfortunately you haven't given me the ingredients or the strength of the cream prescribed by your doctor, so I can't comment. Lupron suppresses all oestrogen in the body, but it can upset the balance badly. It's far safer to use progesterone to reduce the fibroid. High oestrogen stimulates fibroids to grow, progesterone is always low. If you can, please avoid a hysterectomy, the end result in many woman is not always good. I'm pleased you've switched to Armour, as you've found, it is better. Levoxyl is synthetic, whereas Armour is natural desiccated thyroid. I hope your selenium levels were checked, as these are often low in Hashi's. If you have menopausal symptoms it's evident your oestrogen level is too high, and progesterone too low. Take care, Wray

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