Questions about soy

by Kim


I just bought a vitamin d3 (5000 IU) product, when I got home I realized that it contains soybean oil and soy lecithin. Will this mess up my progesterone levels? Just wondering if this product will be ok to take.


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Jun 02, 2012
Questions about soy
by: Wray

Hi Kim I don't recommend soy in any form, but the amount in the caps is so small I don't think you need have any fears. It seems a pity to waste them, so I suggest you use them up and get another brand. Dr Cannell has one which is very good, see here. You'll find the info in the bottom right of the page. Take care Wray

Jun 08, 2012
soy and progesterone combi
by: JL,54

Hi Wray,
Back to soy issue.
I understand that at menopause all hormones decline, inclusive estrogen. Is it not wise to combine soy (milk) and progesterone cream, so that BOTH go up?
What do you think about bio-natural hormone therapy?
Kind regards, JL

Jun 08, 2012
soy and progesterone combi
by: Wray

Hi JL Not all hormones decline, progesterone certainly does. But oestrone, the menopause hormone is secreted by all fat cells, with no corresponding secretion of progesterone. This oestrogen is responsible for the risk menopausal women have in getting cancer etc. And the menopausal ovary becomes an androgen secreting organ, see here. In fact the weight gain over the stomach so many middle aged women get is due to excess testosterone, see here and here. If you mean by bio-hormones oestrogen, testosterone and progesterone, I don't believe any woman needs extra oestrogen or testosterone, but we can benefit from progesterone. Synthetic hormones should never to used. And soy milk, please see here, here, here, here and here. Take care Wray

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