Questions about progesterone troche

by Ranee

I was told by my compounding pharmacist that the troche (100 mg) is the best way to absorb this bhrt progesterone. Can I take this everyday? I have heavy periods and then by day 7-10 my energy level dips. I get depressed and feel more anxiety.

I was told to have an ablation but I am not sure I want to do this. Any advise on this? I also know that my ferritin level is only 22. It was 11 by the end of the summer of last year. I was AWFUL during this time. This is the reason my dr. wants me to have the ablation... to get my ferritin back up. My ob/gyn said the ablation may do nothing. I am tired of feeling the way I do. I want my life back and want to figure out want is going on hormonally. I am almost 45 years old. I would LOVE some feedback on other options or just some plain ol' fashioned advice.

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Jun 02, 2010
Questions about progesterone troche
by: Wray

Hi Ranee. It seems the troche has caught the imagination of pharmacists and doctors alike, but I don't believe it's the best delivery system. For one thing it can only be used in the mouth, it has to be held there for a considerable length of time while it gets absorbed, with no swallowing, and progesterone is very bitter. There is bound to be some progesterone that gets swallowed, this is then destroyed by the gut and liver. Please see here. And about oral progesterone please see here. And here.

The best delivery systems are injections, vaginal suppositories or gels and transdermal creams. Absorption of progesterone via a transdermal cream has been found to be as affective as injections and to enter circulation rapidly. It has an advantage over all the other systems as it can be used where needed. On painful areas, in the vagina for dryness and inflammation, excellent for burns, headaches, on the face where it helps with wrinkles and more. Please see here. And here.

Progesterone does stop heavy bleeding, but a high amount is needed. I've found about 400mg/day, divided into hourly amounts works for the women who've tried it. You are in peri-menopause now, so please see here. And if you do use progesterone, in any form, please see here. It would be far better to stop the bleeding, which will I'm sure correct the ferritin loss, rather than have such an invasive technique. Please check your vitamin D levels too, about 50% of us have levels far too low, for more info please see here. Take care, Wray

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