Question about the "Energy Boost" helping with IR

by LP

I have one question about this product. It says something about it possibly causing an increase in testosterone... I am a woman so do I want this? (I don't want increased hair growth on my face) And it also says that you shouldn't take it if you have high blood pressure or was it low? Anyway, I have normal blood pressure, but because I suffer from anxiety - the Dr. put me on a low dose of blood pressure meds. just to help me to stay calmer, and he said it would help my heart in the long run.

So, should I take this product or not?

And, how do you get your Dr. to give you Leptin to help decrease your appetite and or to help with diabetes (my mother has this and I'm afraid that I'm heading that way... that is why I'm interested in the Energy Boosting formula for IR.) Thanks.

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