Question about my saliva test results

by Kat
(Rochester NY)

I'm 41 and still menstruating (when my body feels like it). I used to always have a regular 28 day cycle but I just started bioidentical hormones recently and skipped a period. I don't think my body liked the estrogen I was taking so I stopped taking it until I discuss it with my doctor. My saliva test results from day 21 of my cycle were as follows:

Progesterone was 128.6. Not sure what this means since there is not an ml next to it. I am taking 0.1ml daily and I am getting hot several times throughout the day. Not typical hot flashes, just hot. Wondering what that means.

Estradiol 1.1 (again, not sure what that means).

Doctor said I was slightly low in estrogen and very low in progesterone. She prescribed me to do .02ml of estrogen days 3-26 of my cycle, and .04ml of progesterone days 14-26.

I started my hormones on day 14 and noticed immediately that I was getting hot alot and gained some weight. I felt bloated and heavy almost every day.

Today is day 7 of my cycle and I have not been taking the estrogen, but I did take progesterone yesterday and today. I feel very good, lighter, not bloated, and feel like my waist is coming back, but I am also getting hot still.

I'm so lost. I feel like my body definitely likes the progesterone and hates the estrogen, but I'm wondering why I am getting hot. Does this mean I am taking too much or not enough?

Any feedback would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks!

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Apr 29, 2010
Question about my saliva test results
by: Wray

Hi Kat. I don't agree we need supplemental oestrogen, even if it's 'low', we have more than enough made by our ovaries and our fat cells, apart from that in the environment. There are now over 90 oestrogen mimics in our food, water, air and skin 'care'... for more information on these please see here. I can't really help with your results as you say there are no ml next to them. But you have enough symptoms to warrant using progesterone. When first starting it you can get symptoms of oestrogen excess occurring, pity these happen as it's very disconcerting, for more info on this please see here.

I'm most confused by the amount you're using though, it makes no sense it's so low, 0.1ml. You also say you're taking it, if I assume this to be oral progesterone, most is destroyed as it passes through the gut and liver, please see here. And here. Progesterone needs to be used in amounts ranging from 100-200mg/day, please try this. I'm sure you'll find it more helpful. Take care, Wray

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