Question about asthma

by Kim S.
(Sachse, TX, USA)

My question is about asthma... I have terrible asthma. I am now where I cannot make it more than 4-6 hours without some form of medicated help. I haven't been hospitalized for it, but have had some scary bouts and almost passed out.

Anyway, i was told that natural progesterone is a muscle relaxer of sorts... and I am hoping beyond hope that it will help me get off the asthma meds all together. I won't stop cold turkey but if this will help me to gain control of my breathing that would be fantastic. I also realized why I had horrible morning sickness and why I lost our 3rd child (only 2 boys) not that I am looking to have more kids. Grandkids is next on my baby wanting list.

Anyway, if you could clarify and hopefully genuinely be able to give me some hope about my asthma woes... that would be greatly appreciated. I need it either way, but help with the asthma would be a wonderful bonus.

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Oct 25, 2009
Question about asthma
by: Wray

Hi Kim. Dr Katharina Dalton would give her asthma patients progesterone injections and/or suppositories, she found it worked so well. Her book Once a Month is worth reading. Amazon have it here.

She used to give it for morning sickness too. There is much evidence that a lack of it is one cause of miscarriages. So yes it does appear you would benefit from it. Please have a look at these two papers:
Paper 1
Paper 2

Finally please, please have a vitamin D test done! There is evidence a lack of vitamin D exacerbates asthma, possibly even the actual cause of it, please see this paper.

This is the best site on vitamin D there is, please have a look at it.

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