Progesterone stopped my blackouts

by Bev
(South Afica)

Please correct me if I'm wrong... Is it due to the lack of progesterone that one gains weight during menopause?

I'm 47 and gaining. When I was pregnant I never gained just lost and got thinner after each pregnancy. So if I take progesterone will I loose weight?

Please help!

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Jan 25, 2010
Progesterone stopped my blackouts
by: Wray

Hi Bev. Yes it is partly a result of progesterone levels dropping during peri-menopause. But the real culprit is the excess oestrogen you will have as a consequence of this. Oestrogen stimulates cells to grow, in particular fat cells. Unfortunately fat cells make oestrogen so a vicious cycle is started.

Oestrogen is also a cause of insulin resistance which occurs in many woman during P-M and menopause. Progesterone does raise metabolism slightly, as it's thermogenic. Initially you could retain water, another excess oestrogen problem! This is all explained on this web page. You might also like to look at this web page on insulin resistance. Take care, Wray

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