Progesterone only treatment?

by Anne Seibright
(Shellharbour NSW Australia)

Would Progesterone only treatment help a 62 year old woman with long term menopause problems, hot flashes, heat intolerance, night sweats, weight gain (particularly abdominal weight), insomnia, anxiety and depression ++ and all other annoying menopause symptoms?

Hysterectomy at 47... menopause at 49... still has ++ symptoms especially those mentioned above. Has been on Premarin 0.3 HRT off and on most of those years for mainly the heat and hot flashes.

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Apr 29, 2010
Progesterone only treatment?
by: Wray

Hi Anne. Yes it would! I'm concerned you've been on and off the HRT, please see this web page. You might like to read more about progesterone and menopause here. In all probability you have insulin resistance, as oestrogen can cause this, please see here. IR causes weight gain, as does oestrogen of course. We do have more info on anxiety, insomnia and depression too, please see here. Take care, Wray

Apr 29, 2010
Progesterone treatment
by: Anonymous

You should have your thyroxine levels checked.

Apr 30, 2010
Progesterone treatment for Fibrocystic breasts
by: Wray

Unfortunately too many women have their thyroxine levels checked, and are then put on synthetic thyroxine. But the thyroid is hugely complex, and treating it with only one hormone is not the answer. For instance low vitamin D can affect the thyroid and slow it down, this is the single most important test that should be done. High oestrogen/low progesterone, which is almost always the case in peri-menopause/menopause is another factor. Oestrogen slows the thyroid. Take care, Wray

Jan 29, 2012
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you Wray! Finding your blog has been a saving grace! I am 50, and having had night sweats on and off for 4 years, I started gaining weight about a year ago. Then came the breast expansion (from poached eggs to melons),and bloating. I have been using progesterone cream (200 mg a day) for two months now, and can get in to my jeans and bras again. The night sweats got a lot worse but seem to be tapering off. I have had a merina coil for 22 years, and thus no periods, but I am still ovulating. My gyneacologist has said that at my age there is no need to fit another one. I suspect it may have contributed to my 'estrogen dominance'? Once again - thank you!

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