Progesterone level

by Bambie

I'm 22 years, progesterone serum 17.70 ng/mL.. is it normal? Are these signs I'm pregnant? I did the test 7 days before my period.

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Dec 31, 2010
Progesterone level
by: Wray

Hi Bambie Serum progesterone varies between 5 to 20ng/ml during the luteal phase. So yes it's normal, and not necessarily an indication you are pregnant. First trimester levels vary between 11.2 to 90.0 ng/ml, see Medline Progesterone. The test was done at the correct time, but if you want to confirm pregnancy, an hCG test is normally done too. I suggest you ask your doctor to do this for you. For more info see the American Pregnancy Association website. If you want to know more about progesterone and Pregnancy, please read through this page we have. Take care Wray

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