Progesterone & IVF

by E

My cycle is between 29 - 35 days. Is it better to follow the 28 days or 36 days to determine when to start using progesterone?

Also, can this be used in conjuction with IVF? I'm probably starting an IVF cycle in June/July 2010.

Thanks for your help.

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Jun 02, 2010
Progesterone & IVF
by: Wray

Hi E. I think the problem you're having with conception is due to the erratic cycles you have. Progesterone is only made once we've ovulated, and supplemental progesterone should only be used from then too. In all women irrespective of the length of their cycle, ovulation occurs 12-14 days before we bleed. It would be essential to regulate your cycle first, which can be done with progesterone. The average length of your cycle is 32 days, so I think you should stick to that initially. The length often changes with progesterone use and settles down into a regular pattern. So you would start using the progesterone on day 19, counting the first day of bleeding as day 1, and use it for the next 14 days. I prefer to use the 14 days, and not the 12 days, as it gives enough time for the egg to travel down through the Fallopian tube, and the endometrium enough time to build up ready to receive the egg. Using progesterone before ovulation prevents this occurring. We do have a web page on conception and pregnancy, please see here.

You can use progesterone with IVF, in fact they will probably want to give you progesterone injections, usually a few days apart. As progesterone levels drop within about 13 hrs, it's essential to use it at least twice a day. Far better to start using it before you fall pregnant too. Too many women are given it after conception and they then face oestrogen dominance symptoms whilst pregnant, not a good thing. Please see here. I can only advise you, but I strongly recommend getting your cycle regular before IVF, you might find you don't need it. Your ovaries are obviously stressed, this is usually due to inflammation. Have they checked for this and PCO? I would also suggest you start taking your temperature to see when you ovulate, or better still get a mini microscope from a chemist/health shop to check for ovulation. Take care, Wray

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