Progesterone helping A TON...but...

by Tiffany
(Houston, Texas)

Hi Wray, I've been using progesterone cream regularly for about 4 months and it has helped in a huge way. My anxiety is immensley better. My allergy/sinus problems are basically gone. My joint pain is basically gone. My digestive issues are better. Sweating at night is really the only thing I can't shake. It isn't drenching sweats but I often wake up a little damp regularly throughout the month. Any ideas on this?

My symptoms used to last all month long, which I assume was because I had had low progesterone for so long. Now the symptoms really (other than the night sweats) only show up just before my period and during. During that time the anxiety kicks in a little bit, but nothing like before.

I initially started using the cream every day, then went to days 6-28. And this past month I went to using it 14-28. I usually use the cream until my period starts and then stop the cream until its time to start it again. However, my period usually starts light and then stops for a few days and comes back. Is that because I should be stopping the cream two days before my period is supposed to start? This cream is helping so much, so I'm just trying to nail down the details.

Thank you so much for this website. Its been so incredibly encouraging and helpful for me. Can't thank you enough!

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Feb 28, 2011
Progesterone helping A TON...but...
by: Wray

Hi Tiffany Bless you for the kind words! First I have to ask you how much progesterone are you using? I'm pleased you used it daily to begin with, it really does help 'top us up', in fact I often give myself an extra amount, even after 15 years of using it. Another question, is your cycle normally 28 days? Our cycles range from 21 to 35 days, 28 is the average. It's no more normal than a 21 or 25 or 35 day cycle. It could be your cycle is not 28 days, which could account for the light bleeding, stopping and starting again. Or you're not using enough. I recommend 100-200mg/day, as you've probably gathered. Assuming you do have a 28 day cycle, but still get mild anxiety before your period, please increase the amount you're using for the last week. This increase might be all you need to stop the sweating at night too. Please check if you're ovulating on day 14, which is the day you should be with a 28 day cycle. Let me know the answers and I can take it further. Take care Wray

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