Progesterone helped my premenopause symptoms

by Rachael

I have bad insomnia, dry wrinkled skin, hair loss and limp hair, mood swing, PMS, low libido. I get weepy, can't handle stress and have irregular menses.

Now my is hair fuller, I am calmer and have better skin. My libido is restored. My menses are now regular and come without any symptoms like bloat or swelling breasts.

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Oct 02, 2008
Hair loss
by: Anonymous

I have been searching for someone with that symptom. My doctor last year did not take me seriously so I went back and told her I wanted something done about this hair loss. She is going to call me with a compound, and I hope this helps.

Jan 14, 2009
Hair Loss
by: Kathleen Thrower

My long hair started falling out several years ago as I was under extreme stress with a family member. I even had a Lupus blood test to determine the cause, which turned out normal. I was sent to a dermatologist, who put me on a high blood pressure medicine (I don't have high blood pressure).

One of the side effects of this high blood pressure drug... Spironolactone, was hair GROWTH. My hair grew back (balding spot in the back like a man) in several months and I eventually quit the Spironolactone. This drug also was used for my 2 oldest teenage daughters (Jr. High age) for their ACNE.

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