Progesterone Deficiency?

by Connie
(Ontario, Canada)

I am 35 years old, have had 2 laparotomies to remove a 13cm and an 18cm cystadenoma, as well as the left ovary and tube removed because of the cyst size.

I had the first laparotomy in 2007, got pregnant in 2009 in which I carried my baby and my 18cm cyst to term at the same time, had my baby in January, lithotripsy for kidney stones in March and laparotomy for the cyst in April. I am now having hot, sweaty spells, my mind seems out of it, I could stare at anything for a long time. Around lunch, the symptoms seem to peak and I get anxious, feel like I am in a fish bowl, and most of the time I cry. It is all said and done by 6pm that evening.

Any suggestions to what the cause may be? Low progesterone? I did have some labwork done and my tsh was low at 0.32 and my T4 was also low. Any info would be appreciated, I just want to be normal again!

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Aug 20, 2010
Progesterone Deficiency?
by: Wray

Hi Connie To find out if you do have low progesterone please do the questionnaire on our web site, it will give some indication if this is the cause. The link is here. It also sounds as if your blood glucose is unstable, as the symptoms fit for that too. Progesterone does help stabilise blood glucose. It could be your something to do with your cortisol levels too, as a high level counteracts insulin, causing hyperglycaemia. This will cause the pancreas to increase insulin levels to bring the glucose down, but too much insulin causes too sharp a drop in glucose resulting in your symptoms. Finally you could have the beginning stages of post natal depression, these can be delayed if breast feeding. Please have a look at our page on Pregnancy, particularly the link to an article by Dr Dalton on PND. Take care Wray

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