Progesterone cream verses Promtrium

by Carol
(Nevada USA)

Ok, I think its all hype every site I go to says they have the best progesterone cream. I have bought proLief from arbonne, ess pr lief recommened by Dr Lee and one at a drug store.

All they seem to do is make me tired and take awy what little sex I'm getting back from using compounded T cream. I try promtrium but it makes me dizzy so I stop it and then try it again. I don't like it but I have low progesterone and nothing is working. I'm on vivelle patch and compounded t, vagifem, xanax, going off prozac and wellbutrin. I would like to try your crean but have no idea what I'm going to do with all these things of P cream... can you send me a sample to try before I buy?

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Nov 30, 2010
Progesterone cream verses Promtrium
by: Wray

Hi Carol I answered another query you made, but here's more info. We do think our cream is good, we have regular saliva tests done by a naturopath in the UK, the results are always excellent. Please see our page on Saliva Tests. But all the brands you mention above are good too. The recommended amount cream manufacturers advise is too low to my mind. The Prometrium is a good dose, which is why you reacted to it, you would get the same reaction to our cream too. I recommend between 100-200mg/day, most of the other creams recommend 20-40mg/day. The reaction you had was caused by excess oestrogen, please read through this page we have, it explains why it occurs. Unfortunately you are adding more by using the patch, this will mean a higher amount of progesterone will be needed to overcome it. Please see our page on HRT. There is evidence that progesterone is responsible for increasing libido, and not testosterone, please see here. Progesterone plays the same role in both men and women, don't be put off by the title. There are natural antidepressants, please read through this page, it gives a list of them. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter responsible for sexual arousal, it would appear yours is low if you've been given welbutrin, this raises levels slightly. But the precursor to dopamine is the amino acid tyrosine, it might be worth trying this instead, I know it's worked for others. Unfortunately we don't have any samples to try out. I suggest you use up the creams you have, and the Prometrium, but use the amount I suggest. But it's important to read that page on oestrogen dominance first. It's best to use the Prometrium as a suppository, oral progesterone is mostly destroyed in the gut and liver see Progesterone application methods. Take care Wray

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