progesterone cream used vaginally

by Virginia

Hello Wray. I would like to know about the doses for when cream is applied vaginally as I gather that it can give a more intense effect than when rubbed onto external skin, like arms or chest. If I use 100 mg on my arms usually, would I need only half this dose if I use it vaginally? I have heard that this is the best way to apply the cream, so I am eager to try it, but don't want to use more cream than necessary. Thank you for your help.

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Sep 03, 2012
progesterone cream used vaginally
by: Wray

Hi Virginia It is absorbed well in the vagina, but there are no definitive studies showing better than on the skin. In fact our page on Delivery systems gives studies comparing vaginal and topical and both are equally good. Also studies comparing injections and topical, again it's equally good. So I don't think you should reduce the amount at all. I have found if there is a skin problem, i.e. a wound or burn, it's best to apply it directly on the affected area, it works far quicker. Likewise period cramps respond quicker if rubbed directly over the tummy, for headaches it's best if applied to the neck and ear area, and directly on piles too. Take care Wray

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