Progesterone Cream Directions for PCOS

by Denise

Dear Wray, I just purchased a progesterone cream from my health food store. You mention to use 150-250mg for PCOS from Day 14-28. This seems like alot to me since the bottle recommends 15-20mg/day from Day 14-28. Can you explain?

Would you also recommend using a little in the first half of the cycle

Also, would you recommend decreasing the dosage after a few months? I've heard that there may be a "build-up" after a few months.

My story: I have PCOS, have hypo-thyroid-like symptoms (dry eyes, low blood pressure, muscle aches, drying hair, hair now becoming more thin, and emotional ups and downs). I have been tested numerous times for hypothyroidism and all tests come back "normal", very normal. Even tried Synthroid, but had a bad reaction to it. All of this got much, much worse after stopping birth control 1 year ago. I am hoping that some hormonal balance might help some of these symptoms and hopefully allow my husband and I to conceive.

Thank you again for the helpful site!

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Sep 15, 2010
Progesterone Cream Directons for PCOS
by: Kay

I have thyroid like symptoms and I am taking a low dose of iodine everyday which has helped.

The progesterone is better adjusted according to your body but 20mg is probably not near enough and 100-200 is what I am taking per my doctor's orders as my progesterone was low and estrogen high for my age. I am 66 so can't say but I would think you might need more progesterone.

Sep 15, 2010
Re: Progesterone Cream Directions for PCOS
by: Anonymous

I too had the same problems arise after stopping the BCP as well. I am 37 and was on it for 20 years. I have been off since April 1 2009 - and oh boy did holy heck break loose after about 5 months off the pill! It has been a journey to say the least. I am so grateful for this website - it has helped tremendously. The BCP represses ovulation functions including production of progesterone. The "pseudo" symptoms of hypothyroidism is because of estrogen dominance. Excess estrogen interferes with the thyroid receptors. That is why your tests are "normal" yet you have the symptoms. The BCP has done horrible things to us ladies. We thought we were being liberated but in all truth we are poisoning ourselves with this little pill or shot. I am on high levels of progesterone and I fell ten fold better. I also take a list of other supplements to heal my body. Wray has fantastic wisdom - I am sure she will help you! Good luck!

Sep 19, 2010
Progesterone Cream Directions for PCOS
by: Wray

Hi Denise I see you must have read the PCO web page we have. I do recommend much more than other sites/books/doctors as I've seen good results. The ovaries are struggling and need help, a low dose will not achieve this. Oxidative stress has caused the ovaries to malfunction, producing far too much oestrogen and testosterone. LH is often too high too, with ovulation absent or very erratic, leading to low progesterone levels. To suppress these three hormones and to get the ovaries back on track, much more progesterone is needed. 15-20mg/day is the amount the body makes when all is normal, there's nothing normal about PCO, or any of the other problems which can afflict us. I don't recommend using any during the follicular phase, the idea is to follow the cycle, we make no progesterone from our ovaries during this phase. On the other hand if symptoms are bad, I do advise using a high amount of progesterone daily for a few cycles to give the ovaries a rest, and to suppress the three hormones. Progesterone acts a contraceptive if high enough amounts are used prior to ovulation. This stops the ovaries making eggs, and of course oestrogen and testosterone. It also stops the pituitary making LH, tricking it into believing ovulation has taken place. Excess LH also stops ovulation. The body knows how to metabolise progesterone and excrete it, I've not found a build up occurring. There's no need to use the high amounts beyond the desired affect, apart from the extra cost. Dry eyes are caused by excess oestrogen, in it's worst form it's called Sjogren's syndrome, please see here. Muscles aches are probably caused by a lack of vitamin D, please see here Remember from the web page, a lack also causes PCO too. Progesterone does help the hair, but you could consider taking 2000mg/day N-acetyl cysteine, 2000mg inositol and 2-3mg biotin. These are essential for healthy hair, cysteine for skin and nails too. Finally please see our page on Pregnancy. Thanks for the kind words! Take care Wray

Oct 06, 2010
Progesterone Cream Directons for PCOS Kay
by: Wray

Hi Kay I'm pleased your doctor is supportive of high amounts of progesterone. I'm interested that the iodine is helping you, I've found it can if low. You might consider taking the amino acid tyrosine too. This is the precursor, combined with iodine, of the two thyroid hormones T3 and T4. And please have your vitamin D level checked, a lack of this often leads to thyroid problems. For more info please see the Vitamin D council website. Take care Wray

Oct 06, 2010
Re: Progesterone Cream Directions for PCOS
by: Wray

Hi there You are so right about the pill, I've lost count of the number of women I've tried to help who had previously taken it. You might like to see a web page we have on what it can do to us, please see Contraceptives. Often the damage goes unnoticed for years, until it finally manifests. But I've found it's in the stopping that women have the worst time. The only safe contraceptive is the copper T IUD, please see here. I do hope vitamin D is included in your list of supplements, a lack of this adversely affects us. Bless you for the kind words. Take care Wray

Oct 13, 2011
Tender Breasts
by: Cynthia

I started back using the Progesterone Creme by Dr. Helen Pensanti and my left breast feels like it has balloned up the size of a ccantelope and it hurts along with cramps and I havent had a period since 1998. I noticed last night that the pain radiated to the right breast also. I got scared and stopped everything and was checking every two minutes for lumps. I am 57yrs on Levothroid, Rocaltrol and 2200mgs of Calcium due to hypoparathyroid. I sweat at night, crave sweets and junk, feel sad, hair thinning in top overall "crazy". I used Premarin/Provera for 10 years and stopped and just flip flopped on Estradiol and Prometrium for 5 years and just got tired of the symptoms. Whats wrong with me?

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