Progesterone & boys

by Jackie

Hi Wray, I am just wondering if a boy who is 9 years old could use progesterone as asthma therapy?? Also, Is it safe for boys in puberty (such as 12 or 13 years old )to use the progesterone as well?

My one boy (who is the 9 year old) does get asthma symptoms, and I know progesterone is great for pms Asthma. Also, I was wondering if too much progesterone (such as 100-200 mg/ of Natpro) can cause it to store up in the fat tissue in a womens body? Also, is it safe to give my 13 year old daughter who has pms this amount of the natpro (100-200mg) in her leutial phase?? Thank you for your response.

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Feb 23, 2011
Progesterone & boys
by: Wray

Hi Jackie It is safe for both sexes and at any age. I've recommended it to mothers with 3 month old babies to help them sleep. They only need a pin head amount on their feet to calm them. Something we all forget, including the medical profession, is that we are bathed in progesterone for 9 months. It is vital for normal lung development, brain development, the CNS and more. You are right, progesterone is great for PMS asthma, see here and here. Having said all that, I feel your son probably needs vitamin D more than progesterone, please have a test done. In fact please would all of you have one done. It's such a vital nutrient, and yet it's low in most of us. Particularly low in Canada, your latitude is far north, the oblique angles of the sun make little vitamin D, none in winter, see here, here, here and here. For more info on testing etc, please see the Vitamin D council and GrassrootsHealth websites. I have only found one paper which says a build up does not occur, but the amount they used, 40mg/day, only produced a sub-luteal level, see here. Another paper mentions the fatty layer as being essential, see here. I've not found it's built up in me, and I've been using about 170mg/day daily for 15 years. I put my daughter on progesterone when she was 14, as I had depression during puberty, and didn't want her to. She had none of the usual problems, and is still using it at 29. I would suggest using 50mg/day though, and see how your daughter gets on. It's easy enough to increase or decrease as you see fit. Do let me know how you get on. Take care Wray

Jul 20, 2015
testing of risperdol
by: Anonymous

My nine year old grand son is mildly autistic and he takes risporedol.he was tested for progesterone and they said that his level was high. He was taking one in the morning and one in the evening. The doctors said to give him one in the morning and a half of one in the evening. I am worried that he might be capable of growing breasts. Will you enlighten me what to do?

Sep 09, 2015
Can 8 year old boy use progesterone cream to cure his tic?
by: Chi

Hi, my 8 year old boy has motor and vocal tic. One doctor recommend him to apply progesterone cream on his inner arm for 2 months, but I worry if this progesterone hormone is safe for boy. Besides, can progesterone cream really can help to cure his tic? Is it safe for him to use it? What is the side effect? Thank you.

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