Progesterone and soy milk

by Gillian
(Calgary Alberta Canada)

I have recently began using progesterone cream. It seemed to work fine for the first few weeks, then I noticed it wasn't working as well. My problem is with extreme irritability and aggression.

I have for quite some time been drinking three glasses of soy milk a day, as I was told the natural estrogen would help with my hot flashes and night sweats which it does, as I do not suffer these symptoms any longer. Am I drinking too much soy milk for my other symptoms? My progesterone cream seems to work at times, and then other times it doesn't seem to work at all. I have only been using it for three or four weeks, and have been using it every day. I would appreciate any information.

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Jan 02, 2010
Progesterone and soy milk
by: Wray

Hi Gillian. It does take a few weeks for progesterone to 'settle' down, hence the ups and downs you're experiencing. Stress also drops progesterone levels, if this should occur please increase the amount of cream you're using over this period. The dose of progesterone should be between 100-200mg/day, anything less and symptoms can come back. I would avoid the soy milk as you don't need more oestrogen. Soy also slows the thyroid down and contains trypsin inhibitors which slow protein digestion. Please see these pages...
Mary Enig and Sally Fallon
Weston Price Foundation
Take care, Wray

Feb 03, 2010
Soy milk
by: Gillian

I have since eliminated the soy milk from my diet, and instead take black cohosh and continue on with my twice daily applications of progesterone cream. I have found that the aggression and irritability have dwindled to almost nothing. I sleep like a baby, and do notice some emotional responses, ie tears in certain situations, but these are far more managemable than the outbursts. I feel as if I can handle this perimenopausal phase of my life, I was at my wits end two months ago. I even wrote a letter to the editor in my local paper that was published on the subject. A local psychotherapist wrote a response on estrogen dominance! Women of the world unite!

Feb 24, 2010
Soy milk
by: Wray

Hi Gillian. I echo those words! I'm relieved you've stopped all that soy milk and your symptoms are abating. Take care, Wray

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