Progesterone and prostate cancer

by Christina Clark
(Hamburg, NJ)

My husband was treated for prostate cancer 2 years ago with radiation (45 treatments) followed by Lupron injections and Casodex, then no Casodex but Ketoconazole and hydrocortison.

He recently had congestive heart failure (to an otherwise healthy 71 year old with no trace of heart disease) which after reading online and Mayo clinic etc. was caused by the Lupron injection. We found out that the heart should be monitored if you take it more than a year and no one told us of that and he was taking it for 2 years. They just don't want to admit this problem.

Aside from that since he was taken off all cancer medicine because of the heart now, I would like to know how much of the Natpro which I just ordered do I have him take and does it need to be taken 2 times a day. Thanks.

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