Progesterone and IVF

by RD Paris

Hi Wray, I've been receiving your emails and I like a lot the approach for progesterone. I haven't ordered yet because I need a lot of reading before buying a health product.

The initial reason I thought about using progesternoe is a terrible fadigue I have, which seems to get worse with age. Sometimes I'm full of energy, but I feel exausted very soon. I also sleep very badly most of the time and feel sick sometimes during my periods. I used to have a lot of anxiety, that gets better with food selection and meditation, but my memory is just awful. I'm 37 and will turn 38 in late October. I've just discovered my husband can't have babies in a conventional way - we will have to go for an IVF. I'm not sure I can start taking the progesterone in this case. I haven't started any treatments, but I plan to start IVF end of the year or early in 2011. Can progesternoe intake interfere in IVF treatments?

Thanks a lot for any information on the matter.

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Jun 10, 2010
Progesterone and IVF
by: Wray

Hi RD I'm glad you're cautious! Progesterone can help with fatigue, but it could be you lack vitamin D, please have a test done. Please see here for tests. Interestingly a lack of vitamin D reduces the benefits of progesterone. It can help with sleep too, as it raises levels of serotonin, this is the precursor to melatonin our sleep hormone. But it could be you lack tryptophan, the precursor to serotonin. For more info please see here. Progesterone won't interfere with IVF, in fact you will probably be given it as it's vital for a successful pregnancy! Normally in the form of injections which are large and painful, and to my mind not frequently enough. A better option are suppositories, although the creams are as affective, especially if some is used in the vagina. A high dose is given too, to prevent termination. If in doubt about using progesterone, please speak to the doctor who will do the IVF, to see if you will be given progesterone and in what form. If yes, then please start it well before the IVF treatment, as symptoms of oestrogen excess can occur when first using progesterone. For more info on this please see here. I've had women write to me who have suffered this during their pregnancy, not what you want! For some reason the doctors do not know this occurs, and will only use the progesterone once the embryo has implanted, sometimes much later. We do have a web page on pregnancy please see here.
Take care Wray

Mar 03, 2018
Progesterone levels after IVF transfer
by: Anonymous

I just did IVF February 16th with 2 5day frozen embryos with a successful positive pregnancy test and rising HCG levels. I am currently on 1ml (50mg) of PIO IM every other day and Progesterone vaginal suppositories (100mg) three times a day. My last progesterone level on Day 12 after transfer was 12 and it was at that point I was increased from suppositories twice a day to three times a day.

I am nervous that I am not on enough because I recently had a miscarriage in September that did not make it past 6 weeks but in fact ended in two blighted ovum.

Am I on enough supplementation?
Can your levels be too high at this point in my pregnancy?

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