Preparing for pregnancy

by Sarah ByBee
(Queen Creek,, AZ)

My husband and I are going to start trying to have another baby this fall.

My first pregnancy I had to take vaginally and oral progesterone because my levels were to low and my Dr. was concerned about miscarrying. I did have a succesful birth. However I was induced one month early because of low amniotic fluid (I am insulin resistant and take Metformin). I am 5ft 7in and weighed 265lbs @ the time of my first pregnancy. I have currently lost 25 pounds and am trying to get down to 200 before we try to have another baby.

My question is... is there any way of naturally increasing my progesterone levels? Also could the progesterone that I took the first pregnancy have effected my amniotic fluid?

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Mar 17, 2009
by: Nina

What I have learned is Progesterone means "pro-gestation". It also balances our hormone levels. The most effective way to increase your progesterone level in your body is transdermal, using the natural progesterone (without parabens) cream on particular parts of the body where it is easily absorbed.

Try researching the studies of Dr. John Lee, he was actively promoting this as a cure to many hormonal imbalance problems before he passed away. And now his studies are in universities. Make sure the natural progesterone cream you use is the right formula and content.

Good luck on having another beautiful baby!

Apr 04, 2009
Preparing for pregnancy
by: Wray

Hi Sarah. It is possible to increase your body's response to insulin, without having to resort to drugs like Metformin. Please see Medline's info on Metformin:

If you are insulin resistant please see our web page on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), as the same plan of action given there is a good option for you:

We also have a web page on conception and pregnancy, please have a look at it too:

The only natural way to increase progesterone levels is to reverse the insulin resistance, it's usually low in such cases. Alternatively use a progesterone cream, the delivery system is as affective as injections and vaginal suppositories. Progesterone is vital for a successful pregnancy, it will not have caused the loss of amniotic fluid. We naturally make up to 420mg/day of progesterone, far higher than most supplements supply. Take care, Wray.

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