Period is late

by Mindy

Hello Wray,

I started the progesterone cream on the 18th day of my cycle..which was the 10th of February this month. I usually have a 32 day cycle. However I have not had my period yet..which would have usually been the 24th of this month. I used the cream for 14 days...the 10th thru the 23rd and thought I would start the following day.. which did not happen.. My question to you is when should I expect a period? Also when I start my period do I count 14 days back from that day to estimate ovulation or do I just start on the 10th of next month like I did in February?? I did read how to use progesterone cream but am still confused. Also should I still be taking the cream now since period has not come? Your insight on this would be much appreciated. I know its normal for the cycle to be somewhat disrupted at first, but I just want to make sure I start using cream at the right time next month as I don't really know how to tell when I ovulate other than by subtracting 14 days from your period.... so if you could help that would be great:) Thanks Wray!!!

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Feb 28, 2012
Period is late
by: Wray

Hi Mindy The first few weeks of using progesterone can be very confusing! Yes it is disruptive in many women. When your period will come I don't know. If it doesn't in the next few days, I suggest you start using it again for 14 days, otherwise symptoms will come back. You say you have a 32 day cycle, so if it does come, count from day 1 to 18 and start using it then. To give you a bit of background please see our page on the Menstruation Cycle. It explains why and how bleeding occurs. You don't say how much you are using, but it could be you need to use a higher amount. If you want to find out when you ovulate, the mini microscope is best, see here. Let me know how you get on. Take care Wray

Feb 29, 2012
period is late
by: mindy

Hi Wray..I had been taking 20 to 40mg up until the 23rd of this month..I know u reccomend taking more but my Dr told me this amount so I thought I would try it first. I am 5 days late and am starting to have symptoms so do u reccomend waiting a couple more days or start cream now. If I take the cream now would I be prolonging my period even more or would it still come if it is going to??? Thanks wray as ur help is always appreciated!!!!!!

Feb 29, 2012
period is late
by: Wray

Hi Mindy Having the amount does help, it's far too low. You might like to read our page on Progesterone Misconceptions. It explains why the amount is too low. It's the drop in progesterone which causes us to bleed, this is also explained. If the amount of progesterone in the body is too low, the drop will not be sufficient to initiate bleeding immediately. If you have symptoms then yes hang on for a few days. With the amount of progesterone you're using it won't stop the period if it's coming. 400mg/day and over are needed to do this. Take care Wray

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