How do L-arginine and 7-keto dhea effect withdrawal symptoms Prednisone

Thanks for this site-it has helped me immensely! I have gone from taking increasingly higher doses of Prednisone to a matainance dose of only 10 mg. a day! I believe I will titrate completely OFF this awful medication-before I saw only increasing illness and higher doses for the future (adrenal exhaustion/asthma).

I am taking the boron, zinc, vitamin k2, high dosage timed release b complex, vitamin D3 etc., a lot of magnesium incluing soaking in epsom salts (this helps within minutes generally, I become relaxed and breathing is better, muscles relax)

I tried taking the L-arginine and when I attempted higher doses I had to take more Prednisone. The withdrawel symptoms appeared to increase, or ?????

I had a the same experience with 7-keto dhea-I was taking about 40 mg. Prednisone at the time. It felt as though I had suddenly decreased the Prednisone too quickly, but I don't understand why?

I plan to try Taurine and some other supplements listed....still exploring all the information....


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Nov 05, 2013
How do L-arginine and 7-keto dhea effect withdrawal symptoms Prednisone
by: Wray

Hi there I’m glad the site has helped you, but not sure why you’re asking me about the arginine, 7-keto and prednisone. I don’t know why you’re taking the prednisone either. Are you using progesterone? Take care Wray

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