Hot Flashes will not go away

I was using Maca supplements and they stopped my hot flashes. Then I moved onto progesterone cream and found it helped with my other peri-menopause symptoms and I stopped using Maca.

However, the hot flashes return when I don't take maca so I wondered if it's ok to use both together? I did try using extra progesterone cream when I got a hot flash but it wasn't helping.

I've been getting them for 2 years now and cannot wait till it all ends.

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Jun 08, 2009
Help for night sweats and hot flashes
by: anita

For helpful hints to combat night sweats go to Help For Night Sweats. The tips have been a real lifesaver for many of my clients.

Jun 09, 2009
Hot Flashes will not go away
by: Wray

Maca is excellent and yes you can use them together. Maca might have cancer protecting properties too, so is worth taking just for that if nothing else. The amount of progesterone you're using could have a bearing on why it's not helping the hot flushes. You should be using between 100-200mg/day. This is the range used in all successful studies done on progesterone, please try to use somewhere in this range. Take care, Wray.

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