When should progesterone cream be used during a monthly cycle?

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Most sources of information, whether web sites or books advise women to start using progesterone cream on day 14 of their cycle.

This is wrong!

The cream should only be used from ovulation, for the last 14 days of the cycle. There are some women who have what is known as a defective luteal phase, which means that they start bleeding again before the fourteen days are up. If this is the case, using progesterone can help to lengthen it.

A defective luteal phase is often the cause of a miscarriage.

Our cycles can vary from as little as twenty one days to as long as thirty six*. The average is twenty eight days. This is the reason that the manufacturers of The Pill and HRT pack their product in twenty eight day cycles.

All women, irrespective of the length of their cycle, should start ovulating fourteen days before they start bleeding again. Progesterone cream should be started either at ovulation, if that is known, or fourteen days before the next period is due. If used earlier than ovulation, it will prevent this.

Please note...

  • A twenty one day cycle... Ovulation should occur on day seven
  • A twenty eight day cycle... Ovulation should occur on day fourteen
  • A thirty six day cycle... Ovulation should occur on day twenty one

How to best absorb progesterone

A good skin cream (such as Natpro) is the most user friendly of all the ways progesterone can be taken. Oral progesterone is a waste as 80-90% is destroyed in the digestive system and liver. Injections are inconvenient and painful. Buccal drops or pills are very bitter and suppositories are not much fun!

The cream can be applied anywhere... in the vagina or nose for dryness, on piles or painful, achy or itchy areas. Its the best thing for burns and wonderful on the face and elsewhere.

All the successful studies done on progesterone use between 100mg to 200mg per day. This equates to 3ml to 6ml of Natpro per day. Some authorities suggest as high as 400-600mg/day. Orally administered forms need 5 to 10 times as much to compensate for the digestive losses. The cream is best applied twice a day, to keep levels up.

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