Expiry Date of Cream

by colin

My wife bought a large amount of the cream, conceived, carried a healthy pregnancy. She now wants to resume using the cream (baby is 1 yr now) but the cream is expired by about 4 months. It has been stored in a cool dark area - is it safe to use, will it still work? If not, could she possibly send back for replacements? She is a loyal customer. Please respond ASAP.

All the best,


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Oct 13, 2012
Expiry Date of Cream
by: Wray

Hi Colin It should still be fine. It does have a natural preservative, so we give a conservative assessment for the expiry date. This is only for the emulsion side of the cream, as progesterone doesn't degrade. I'm delighted your wife had a healthy pregnancy, but intrigued to find out why she didn't continue using it during the pregnancy? Please thank her for supporting us, and let me know how the cream is. Please advise her that as she stopped using it, she could get the usual Oestrogen Dominance symptoms when starting again. As she probably knows, I recommend 100-200mg/day, so would ask her to monitor her symptoms. If she feels any adverse affects to please increase the amount to overcome them. And if she needs any other advice I'm always on line. Take care Wray

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