Day 21 Progesterone Levels were 1.9

by Ashley

Hey, I'm really needing some answers here. This is all new for me. I have a beautiful 5 year old. She was an absolute wonderful surprise. We started trying for another 14 months ago. I got pregnant after 2 months and miscarried at 5 1/2 weeks.

So here we are a year later and no luck. Never dreamed I'd have a problem getting pregnant just because I had concieved my daughter. I went to the doctor this past month and they told me to come in on day 21 to check my progesterone levels. He called me and said they were 1.9. That is extremely low. So he called in a prescription of 25mg Clomid. I believed I was ovulating. But clearly from the results I'm not.

Here's my question... I have a pretty regular cycle. About 30-32days. Is it possible that I am ovulating later in my cycle and not based on day 14. Is it possible that this level was preovulation? The first day of my last cycle was Jan. 04. We did the day 21 test on Jan. 25. It is Feb. 06 and still haven't started my cycle. So I am now two days late... but probably because I'm a little stressed. I'm just so heartbroken. And mainly because we waited so long...and my daughter just turned 5. I feel so bad for her. She talks about her baby sister or brother all the time. So, any insight I'd greatly appreciate!

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Feb 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have a eight year old girl a wonderfull surprise as well. After a year of trying I started taking EstroSense and 3 months later I concieved and 5 weeks in I miscarried as well and here I am 4 months later and no luck. So I have decided to start taking EstroSense again as well Natural Progesterone cream. I'll see what happens over the next 3 months.

Feb 19, 2011
Day 21 Progesterone Levels were 1.9
by: Wray

Hi Ashley I'm amazed he considered Clomid, surely he should have checked to see if you are ovulating. One month of tests is not going to prove anything, women often have anovulatory cycles. I hope you haven't started the Clomid, please read these papers here, here and here. to see why. Thank heavens you have some sense! It is not only possible that you don't ovulate on day 14, but that you never will. If you have a 30 to 32 day cycle you will ovulate on day 16 to 18. All women, irrespective of the length of their cycle ovulate 12 to 14 days before they bleed, all women. To check hormone levels this should only be done ±7 days after ovulation, which is ±7 days before bleeding, not day 21. So your level should have been checked on day 25 if you take the 32 day cycle. It doesn't surprise me your level was low, because if you had ovulated the test was done in the early days, when progesterone is still rising. Please get yourself a mini microscope, it's the best way to check for ovulation. Taking temps is another way, but not as accurate. Don't panic if you don't ovulate, as I said we often have anovulatory cycles. Please have a vitamin D test done, this is such a critical nutrient for both ovulation and pregnancy, see here, here, here and here. For more info see the Vitamin D council and GrassrootsHealth websites. And please consider taking taurine, also vital, see here, here and here. Plus omega 3 fish oil too. Finally we do have a page on Pregnancy. Take care Wray

Feb 19, 2011
by: Wray

Hi there EstroSense has extremely good ingredients. Miscarriages are more often than not caused by a lack of progesterone, so I'm pleased you've considered using it. It's always best to start it before falling pregnant too, and not as most doctors do, start it at 16 weeks of pregnancy. Please make sure you use sufficient, for more info on this we do have a page on Pregnancy. I've given Ashley a list of nutrients to take, plus papers on why. Rather than paste them all again here, please take a look too. I didn't have room to give her the papers on omega 3, which I will give you, and hope she reads them too! Please see here, here, here, here, here and here. Take care Wray

Sep 25, 2011
TTC for basically 2.5 years
by: Shannan

Wray, Your threads are so informative! I am so thankful I have them as a resource. I went off the pill in May of 2009 after being on it almost consistently since I was 15. I am 28 now. In Oct 2007 I experienced break through bleeding that lasted for weeks until I went to the Doctor. He explained that it was just from being on the pill for so long and my Uterus hadn't been shedding correctly so it was shedding the built up layers and the bleeding would stop soon. Well, it went on for about 3 more weeks until I went back. He did a blood test at this time. He called me the next morning for an emergency DNC b/c my blood count was too low. I have always been suspicious that the DNC has caused scar tissue which has prevented me from becoming pregnant.

More recently, I had day 5 and day 21 blood tests done. The results were that my ovarian reserve is great, but my progesterone is low (at a 6). As far as my cycle regularaty goes, it was obviously always regulated from the pill. Once I came off it it was all over the place. I would go from 30 days, to 35 days to 40 days to 60 days and then back to 30 days. The passed 6 mo-1 yr have been more normal, every 30-40 days. I'm guessing I'm anovulatory and my previous Dr. thought I may have PCOS even though I'm not over weight (5'4" 130 lbs). My current Dr. wants to start me on Chlomid, but after reading your previous post I'm not sure if I should do some more testing first, or if chlomid is safe. Should I start taking the supplements you have recommended to others? Should my husband get a specimen test? He is 35. I'm just torn about what our next step should be. I have been eating "clean" (no artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, HFCS, all organic dairy, etc.) for the passed year or so, so I'm pretty careful about what I put into my body :). Thank you so much for your time!!!

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