by S

Hello Wray

I have been waiting to see whether your e-mails would cover hot flashes, as this is my most severe symptom. I have been on Serenity Cream for 6 weeks now and have not found any changes and am beginning to lose hope that Progesterone is the answer for me.

For 9 years now I have gone cold and then tropical every 35 minutes. The only thing that has ever given me relief against this is HRT but I took that for 5 years and 8 months and could not take the risk of it any longer. I stopped the HRT 4 years ago now and allowed for the fact that my body would need some time to get back into balance after the HRT, but there is no let up with these cold and hot flashes - obviously I don't get to sleep too well as I am flapping the covers off and on me all night long.

Can you advise me whether the Natpro would be able to sort out my temperature gauge!!

Many thanks


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Dec 23, 2011
Don't give up
by: Susan

Hi S, I hope you don't mind me putting my comment in while you wait for Wray but before I started using the NatPro cream I was using the Serenity cream for exactly the same reason - hot flashes!I actually pulled a muscle in my shoulder 'ripping off the bed covers' at night they were so intense. With the Serenity you're only told to use such a small amount (I think from memory about an eighth of a teaspoon - or about as much as the nail on your small finger) this is way too low. I changed to NatPro, which by the way costs less, has less ingredients and rubs in much quicker and easier and haven't looked back. I use anywhere between 1.5-2 teaspoons per day split between morning and evening approx same times and haven't looked back. Please hang in there and hope this helps a little bit. Good luck.

Dec 25, 2011
by: Wray

Hi S Unfortunately those emails are rather random in subject, and will stop after a month. I empathise with you, with Susan too! They were the worst aspect of Peri-menopause and Menopause for me. In spite of the bad depression I had. I remember one occasion in particular, it was late at night and mid winter and I was driving home. I suddenly announced I had to open the window and take my clothes off! The friend I was with was startled to say the least, as he was not feeling hot, and did not want the window open! Unfortunately I knew nothing about progesterone then, but luckily found it a few months later. As Susan says, the amount usually recommended is far too low. In fact it's giving progesterone a bad name as women read the blogs about the bad side effects. These are all caused by oestrogen, progesterone initially stimulates it. And will continue to do so if too little is used. There's more info on our page Oestrogen Dominance. I normally recommend 100-200mg/day or more if symptoms are severe, but for hot flushes initially 400mg/day. Once they've gone the amount should be reduced very slowly, by no more than 16mg/day. One study found 300mg/day oral progesterone, which is not the best Delivery system, was needed to reduce them, see here. But it took weeks and they were still getting a few. Susan's advice is so good, she's obviously found the amount which suits her best. Incidentally the 1.5-2 teaspoons she's using contains 250mg to 330mg progesterone. It should be used as she's using it, in varying amounts, many things alter progesterone levels, stress being top of the list. Take care Wray

Dec 25, 2011
Don't give up
by: Wray

Hi Susan Thanks for this input, so good. I'm so pleased you like the cream and bless you for saying such kind things. We have tried to make it as natural as possible, plus go into the skin too! We do know the progesterone is absorbed well, I'm not sure if I ever gave you the results of the Saliva Tests we run to look at? Take care Wray

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